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Enable GUI Scripting: Step by step

This document describes how you can turn on GUI Scripting. To use GUI Scripting with Winshuttle Transaction, the scripting parameter must be set in RZ11 and GUI scripting must be enabled in the SAP GUI.

Typically, Basis has to enable the parameter setting and users will have to enable scripting in their SAP GUI.


Enable the RZ11 parameter

  1. In SAP GUI, start transaction RZ11.

    start transaction rz11

  2. Under Param. Name, enter sapgui/user_scripting.

    enter parameter name

  3. Click Change Value.

    change value button

  4. In the New value box, enter TRUE, and then click the Save button.

    type true click save

    Scripting is enabled.

Enable scripting in SAP GUI

  1. Click Customize Local Layout, and then click Options.

    customize local layout dropdown menu

  2. Click Accessibility & Scripting, and then click Scripting.

    expanded accessibility and scripting section

  3. Check the Enable scripting box.

    enable scripting checkbox

  4. Click OK.