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Getting started with Studio 12

If you have been using the 10.x versions of Winshuttle Transaction, Query, or Direct, you will notice that Winshuttle Studio 12 has a new look. As Studio 11 did, it brings the three solutions into one program. Also, this first screen probably looks familiar—a lot like Microsoft Office.

For instructions on downloading, installing, and activating Studio 12, see the four-step getting started guide, starting with Step 1. Download.

Then, when you're ready to create a Transaction script, the process will look like this:

transaction record map submit run process

The process for creating a Query script will look like this:

query choose define criteria map submit run process

For more information about what has changed in this version and what is new, see New features in Studio 12 and Where is it in Studio 12?

Next, read through the Setting up Studio section to set up Winshuttle Studio 12. Then open Winshuttle Studio 12 and choose the operation that you want.

click file new transaction