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Studio Upgrade Guide: version 11.x to 12.x

Steps Owner Task Resources
Step 1:
Winshuttle Owner Compare Studio 11.x to 12.x Studio 11.x to 12.x eLearning Course
Review Studio 12 features Studio 12 features
Evaluate system requirements Studio 12 system requirements
Evaluate SAP and Microsoft products supported Studio 12 product availability matrix
Step 2: Execute (WFM and
SAP Basis Team Upgrade to WFM 12 WFM compatibility matrix
WFM 12 release notes
WFM installation information
WFM 12 download links
Winshuttle Developers or IT Application Support Upgrade to Studio 12 Studio download links
Step 3:
Winshuttle Developers/Runners Do regression/UAT testing Studio testing steps
Step 4:
Winshuttle Owner Train Winshuttle Developers and Runners on Studio 12 Where is it in Studio 12
Studio 12 release notes
Studio 12 features
Step 5: Support Winshuttle Owner Resolve any issues Troubleshooting steps