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Studio Upgrade Guide: 10.6 & earlier to 10.7

Until the release of Studio 11.0 (April 2016), Winshuttle offered the current Studio product elements as four separate products: Transaction, Query, Direct, and Runner. So, this guide supports customers upgrading from versions 10.6 & earlier to version 10.7 of those four products.

We include guidance here for upgrading the Winshuttle Function Module (WFM) to version 12.x because it is backward compatible with version 10.7, and because it will make it easier for you to upgrade to Studio version 12.x or later.

Steps Owner Task Resources
Step 1:
Winshuttle Owner Compare Transaction, Query, Direct, and Runner 10.6 and earlier versions to Studio 12.x 10.x to 12.x eLearning Course
Review Studio 12 features Studio 12.x features
Step 2: Execute SAP Basis Team Upgrade to WFM 12 WFM compatibility matrix
WFM release notes
WFM installation information
WFM 12.x download link
Winshuttle Developers or IT Application Support Upgrade desktop clients to 10.7 Query: upgrade desktop clients to 10.7
Transaction: upgrade desktop clients to 10.7
Direct: upgrade desktop clients to 10.7
Runner: upgrade desktop clients to 10.7
Step 3:
Winshuttle Developers and Runners Perform regression/UAT testing Testing steps
Step 4: Support Winshuttle Owner Resolve any issues Troubleshooting steps