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Studio 12.0.x Release Notes

Studio 12.0.1

Release: February, 2019

Fixed items

  • On selecting fields in a BAPI, the enabled fields count is now updated in the Workspace tab.
  • Excel templates with additional 10.x-related custom properties do not error out when run on the server.
  • Users do not receive a timeout error when saving SAP credentials from Studio.
  • If the If condition fails in a script that includes an If condition around a loop, validation logs are now successfully written.
  • Using an ALC to log on to custom SAP settings with SAP router strings (settings which are not defined in the logon ini) does not cause connection errors.
  • When logon types differ between local saplogon ini SAP systems and those defined on Foundation, users may now run scripts manually using the local saplogon ini SAP systems. Read more.
  • Studio Trace files do not include the SAP password in plain text.
  • Siteminder connection errors do not include the SAP password in plain text.
  • Users cannot log on to the SAP server using an invalid router string.
  • If all line item data are removed from the data file based on a cell-based script (with an ID-based loop), and a user tries to simulate this file on SAP, an accurate error message is returned.
  • Multi-sheet loops now work as expected.
  • BAPI_COMPANY_GETDETAIL does not error out.
  • Long text functionality works when running Studio version 12 with WFM version 11.3.
  • To Post or Simulate data in SAP, a script with loops does not require detail line items. To Validate data in SAP, a script with loops requires detail line items.
  • Studio now works with the highest security protocol by default.
  • Opening a template containing multiple scripts does not lead to an object reference error.
  • The correct Partner name is now passed for SAP Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • The downloading of characteristic values from MM02, after the skip screen indicator is used in script, works as expected.
  • BAPI_MATERIAL_GETALL now works when upgrading from Studio version 11 to 12.
  • PA40 Terminate employee script works as expected now when upgrading from Studio version 10.x to 12.
  • Parallel loops work as expected now when upgrading from Studio version 10.x to 12.
  • KKF2 based scripts record errors in log messages as expected, when upgrading from Studio version 10.x to 12.

Studio 12.0

Release: August, 2018

New features and improvements

  • Certification for SAP S/4HANA 1809 (as of 12/20/18).
  • Support for SAP router string for SAP logon.
  • Support for Siteminder Login, the SSO for which is defined on Foundation, through Studio.
  • Support to enforce manual user authorization in Connect mode for every access.
  • You can now navigate from the Studio application to launch the Connect Site.
  • You can now navigate from the Studio application to Release Notes.
  • You can now configure the number of scripts you want to view under Recent Scripts, and the number of records you want to view under show preview records.
  • Support for asynchronous macro run.
  • Support for command line and macro for Simulate.
  • Support for Skip screen for Validation and Simulation.
  • Support for command line run and schedule run of Query even if the data file does not exist.
  • You can now choose to append a time stamp to the Query result file name.
  • You can now add categories to Tables, Input Structures and Output Structures for a BAPI, as well as rename and remove the categories.
  • Support for t-codes FB50, FB60, FB70, FB75, FBD1, FBS1, FV50, ML81, and ML81N - for BDS & GOS type file attachments.
  • In support of the GDPR, users can now exercise their right to be forgotten against their Connect account.
  • In Mapper:
    • You can now map multiple fields for Download in a single step for Query.
    • You can now use transform formula in all languages which are supported by Microsoft Excel.
    • You can now use Cell as a data source for criteria.
    • You can now cut, copy, and paste the complete Loop block.
    • You can now copy and paste the header row of a loop and an If block.
    • You can now edit the condition of an empty If block or Loop block.
    • You can now copy and paste a nested If-else condition block.
    • You can now cut, copy, and paste the complete If block.
    • You can now 'paste after' the last field of any screen for a BAPI-based script.
    • You can now insert fields and screens in the last row.
    • You can now paste cut or copied rows at the ends of rows.
    • You can now use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL Z (undo a command) and CTRL F (find a word or words).
    • You can now add Else blocks to If conditions that are defined inside a loop.
    • The Background Mode setting is now retained when the script is closed and later reopened.

Fixed items

  • Studio Query does not crash when a user with limited SAP authorizations tries to log on to the SAP system.
  • Studio does not allow the submission of unmapped scripts.
  • For scripts not mapped to an Upload or Download field, users will view an informative message.
  • When you select multiple rows in the Transaction Mapper and the Query Mapper, the property pane includes properties which the rows have in common.
  • In Mapper, within the If Dialogue and Loop Dialogue menus, users now have each of the radio button options which have been available under File > Options > Data Settings > Auto Synchronization Mapping; the Preserve radio button is now available alongside the Replace and Insert Before radio buttons.
  • In Mapper, users may now disable a field they had previously enabled.
  • In Mapper, correct row values of If condition block are displayed in the script properties panel.
  • In Mapper, values with leading/trailing spaces do not have those spaces trimmed upon uploading.
  • In Mapper in Query, the following can be applied to multiple row selections: Enable/ShiftUp/ShiftDown/Comment.
  • SAP settings from each script are respected when scheduling local scripts on SAP server.
  • Users can configure Excel to run in the background, here: File > Options > Data Settings > Excel settings.
  • To load the scripts embedded in multiple sheets of the data file, point to the appropriate script for each step.
  • When selecting the Backup Data setting in Transaction, users pass a string "BACKUP_DATA" in the WinOptions table before making the Winshuttle Function Module call.
  • When opening a v10x script in Studio v11 and v12, the 'Skip transaction if empty' setting in 10x will be converted to the "Required field" setting. In addition, when working in v11 or v12 and saving in v10x format, the field setting "Required Field" will be converted to the "Skip transaction if empty" setting.
  • Users can continue to use scheduled jobs after they have changed their SAP password.
  • Total time saved calculation for ROI data of scripts run in v10.x is displayed correctly Studio v12.
  • Script developers without DD03L object authorizations may now map scripts.
  • When a transform is applied, Studio does not process rows in which there is no data, and log messages are not returned for those rows.
  • When auto logon credentials point to an SAP system that is no longer available, users receive an informative message.
  • After backup and restore, Query scripts that contain input files can be run.
  • Studio can now be switched to a different user when both of the following criteria are met: you are using a Foundation license, and Foundation is using Kerberos authentication.
  • JEM tasks now display the correct icon next to the task.
  • The Background LMS Windows service is now set with Delayed Automatic Start, to account for dependencies after a restart.

Known issues

  • Workbooks that contain multiple script macros require multiple logins to SAP.
  • The maximum size for attached files is 30 MB, but performance may be affected by the SAP system.
  • Converting a script from Non-Batch mode to Batch mode does not give any warning regarding Read from SAP fields and downloads the data in Batch mode.
  • S/4HANA does not support EP logon and SP Nego.
  • The option for saving an auto logon credential (ALC) is not supported for EP logon with browser.
  • Long text fields are omitted from the backup file when you choose the Backup Data option on the Run tab.
  • When a Query script is run manually from the client and the user was not the creator of the SharePoint list, the Query results are not properly written to the SharePoint list. This issue does not occur for the end FORM user.
  • Scheduling linked Query scripts that contain run-time variables returns an object reference error.
  • Query scripts cannot be run successfully from the command line when using SAP SSO.
  • The RTV form does not open when scheduling a Query run from the Scheduled Tasks screen.
  • F4 Help is not supported for BAPI.
  • For a protected worksheet/workbook, note that a) upon submission for auto run, pivot tables and controls are removed , and b) the Schedule Server Job is not supported for a query if the mapped columns are unlocked.
  • File of type .xlsb is not supported as an input file.
  • GUI Scripting scripts not supported with SAP GUI 750 Patch 6.