Step 5: Create a Basic Form

  1. From the Solution Panel, double-click the default Form view to open the form in InfoPath.

  2. In InfoPath, in the Fields pane, you should see a field group called sapvendor. This group contains all the input and output fields that we created in Winshuttle Transaction in previous steps.

  3. Name the form Create Vendor. Drag and drop the input fields from the Fields pane into one section of the form.

  4. Drag and drop the output fields from the Fields pane into another section of the form.
  5. Next, we will place a button that will create the Vendor in SAP. From the controls panel, drag and drop the WS.SAP Web Service control and place it somewhere on the form.
  6. Right-click the WS.SAPWebService control, and then select Properties.
  7. Click Add to add the SAP Web-Service that we just created.
  8. Check the option When button is pressed, and give the button a name. For this example, we'll call it CreateVendor.

    In addition, consider adding a 'Cancel' option to your form.Add a field (a checkbox, for example) in InfoPath called Cancel.

  9. At the end of this stage, in InfoPath the form should look something like the following: