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Create the script for a GL document with multiple currencies

To use the /WINSHTLQ/POST_ACDOC_MULT_CURR RFM to post documents that contain multiple currencies, Winshuttle Function Module 11.3.0 must be installed on the SAP system and configured for the multiple-currency RFM.

  1. In Studio, click File, click New, click Direct, and click Create from BAPI.
  2. Log on to SAP, and click Create Script.
  3. In the Search/BAPI box, select RFM, and search for *WINSHTLQ*.
  4. Select the /WINSHTLQ/POST_ACDOC_MULT_CURR RFM, and click Create from Selected BAPI.
  5. In the workspace, select tables and fields that you want, including the currency type, currency key, and amount items for LOCAL, GROUP, and HARD in the ACCOUNTGL table.

    local curr type local currency local amt doccur group curr type group currency group amt doccur hard curr type hard currency hard amt doccur

  6. Map the script, using column-based or cell-based mapping. Be sure to map the currency fields, the RETURN-MESSAGE field, and the ExportOthers-CHECK_POST field.
  7. On the Run tab, or in the Excel Add-in, enter the header data.
  8. Enter the data for each line item, including the currency type, currency key, and amount.
  9. Add the loop identifiers in the Loop ID columns.
  10. Test. run, or publish the script.