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Chain scripts

In Studio v11, you can use the All from the first script option to quickly specify the settings for all the linked scripts in a chain. Or you can use different settings for each script. Here are the three options:

  • All from first script
  • All from individual script (use this setting if you have sheets with different names or if you are including worksheets that were created in non-English versions of Excel).
  • Custom (if you want to keep some of the settings the same but change others)

Studio v11.0 does not support Transaction and Query scripts in the same chain.

Studio v11.0 does not support chains that combine v10.x scripts and v11.0 scripts.

Scripts that were created in Transaction v10.x will use the earlier-version one-at-a-time script linking process, and the scripts will run in background mode.

Chain scripts

  1. Open the script that will run first in the chain.
  2. Click Chain Scripts.
  3. Click Add, browse to the script you want, and then click Open.

    Repeat for each script that you want to add to the chain.

    Tip: Use the up and down arrows to change the order of the scripts.

  4. Do one of the following:
    • Click All from first script. Every script in the chain will use the settings that are in the first script.
    • Click All from individual script. Each script will use its existing Start Row, End Row, Sheet, and Data file settings.
    • Click Custom, click the main Settings button. Each setting in the box is set at Use individual script settings. If you want to keep a setting the same for all scripts, click the button next to the setting and click Use first script settings. Then click the Settings button for each individual script and enter the settings that you want.

      If you want the runner to log on to SAP before each linked script runs, choose Use individual script settings in the main Settings box, and then uncheck the ALC box for each script. (ALC stands for auto logon credential.)

      The Save Data File settings in Studio Options do not apply to chained scripts. The data file is saved after each script runs.

Why link scripts?

When a process includes multiple transactions, you can create an end-to-end solution by using linked scripts.

For example, you can use MM01 to create a material and then extend it to multiple plants by using a separate MM01 script for each plant.

Running in Background Mode

If one or more of the linked scripts is associated with an Excel data file, the script will run in Background Mode. This means that the script will run in a separate instance of Excel.