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Configure Studio v11 before first use

To configure Studio v11 before you start it, copy the Studio.config file at C:\Program Files\Winshuttle\STUDIO to a different location, and make the changes that you want. For example:

  • In the <SAPLogon> parameter, add the path and file name for the saplogon.ini file or the SAPLandscape.xml file.

    Use parameters in locations—for example, %userprofile%\Documents\Winshuttle\Studio\CustomScriptLocation. Using a parameter like %userprofile% will point to the correct folder for the person who is currently using Studio. You can also use the %appdata% parameter to point to a user's roaming profile.

  • Change the <UseBDSModeForDocumentUpload> parameter value to true.

Copy the Studio.config file back to C:\Program Files\Winshuttle\STUDIO, replacing the original file.

The saplogon.ini path will now appear in Studio Options.

Note: There is support to enforce manual user authorization in Connect mode for every access.

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