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Use dates as criteria

When you need to find records based on the values of a date field, Query provides several options.

  1. On the Workspace tab, click the Criteria check box for the date field, and then click the Criteria tab.
  2. Choose an operator for the date field.
  3. Click the calendar button in the values box, and do one of the following:
    • Click a date in the calendar.
    • Click the Empty Date Value box to return records that do not contain data for that field.
    • Click the SAP Default Initialize Date box to return records that still have the default date that was assigned by SAP.
    • Click the third box, and click a date value—for example, click Today or Start of Year. If you click Today, the date will update each day.

      You can also click an operator (+ or -) and type a value for a number of days in the boxes that appear (for example, Start of Year + 90 days).