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Run a Query script from the command line

All commands that run at the command prompt take precedence over the same commands that are already contained in the Query file.

Note: To ensure that the log messages are saved, set the Excel save option to Save at end of run.

You can run a Query script from the command line using this syntax:

"Winshuttle.Studio.Console.exe full path" -SapQuery -run"<Query script name with full path>" [parameters - optional]

Note: This command requires "Winshuttle.Studio.Console.exe full path" to be enclosed in double quotes. In addition, ensure that there is a single space between "Winshuttle.Studio.Console.exe full path" and "Query script name with full path".

For example, if you want to execute Sample.qsq in the default location at C:\MyDocuments\Winshuttle\Studio\Script\, the command line syntax is:

"C:\Program Files\Winshuttle\Studio\Winshuttle.Studio.Console.exe" -SapQuery -run"C:\MyDocuments\Winshuttle\Studio\Script\Sample.qsq"

This command launches Studio v11 with the Sample.qsq file loaded and starts executing the Query script. You can test this command line operation by running this command in the Windows Run dialog box.

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Name of the auto logon credential



Attach the data file with the posting results



Disable the production server warning



Result file name



Send notification email on schedule confirmation



If run reason is required or not



Run reason

-rsn"This is a demo run"


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SQL logon file



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Run time variables


Note: The account that you use to write to SQL Server must have db_owner or db_ddladmin membership on the database that contains the target table.