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Map and upload long text

Studio Transaction automatically maps long text fields, but the mapping differs depending on the recording mode you used.

Add Long Text: When you use the Add Long Text command to add long text after you finish recording, Studio Transaction places the added fields below the other fields in the Mapper, where you can map them to the data file. For each long-text field you add, Transaction also adds a log column and an identifier field (for example, the Material Number field).

Non-Batch Input mode or Standard mode: All the long text recorded in a field is assigned to one column with the label Long text.

Batch Input mode: Each line of text recorded in the SAP editor is assigned a separate field in the mapper and is mapped to a different column in the data file with the label Text editor text line and a number.

Important: Make sure all identifier fields map to the same column in the data file or have the same fixed value, so that all the long text is posted to the correct record in SAP.

Upload long text

The way that you upload long text depends on the way that you recorded it.

Batch Input mode recordings

For Batch Input mode recordings, first break your text into several lines. Each line should not exceed 72 characters in length.

Use a separate column in the Excel worksheet for each line of long text. If you place all the long text in one column, the error "Text longer than field" appears.

Non-Batch Input mode recordings

For Non-Batch Input mode recordings, you can directly upload the Excel cell values without breaking the text.

Note: You can only upload long text.