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Publish a Query script as a web service

If your environment includes Foundation for Enterprise, you can publish a Query script as a web service that you or other script developers can use to create forms in Winshuttle Composer. Users can then run these forms to get data from SAP.

  • Only XML forms can be used as the data results file type.
  • A web service is bound to one SAP server.

Create a script for web publishing

  1. In Query, create the query, specifying XML Forms in the Data type list.
  2. Choose the fields and the selection criteria.
  3. Click the Foundation tab, and then click Submit to Foundation.
  4. Complete the Script information page of the wizard, and click Next.
  5. Complete the information for any supporting documents.
  6. Click Next, and click Submit.

    Studio processes the submission and goes to the File tab. If you do not see your task, click Refresh Tasks.

  7. Choose a reviewer.
  8. Select Allow publishing as Web Service. If this option is not selected when the web service is called, the process will not continue, and you must resubmit the script with the option selected.
  9. Select the appropriate system usage level for the file.
  10. Click Complete Task.

Publish a script as a web service

  1. After the script is approved, click the Run tab, and then click Publish as Web service.
  2. Type a unique name for the web service and a description of the service.

    If you want to replace a web service of the same name, check the Overwrite existing web service box.

  3. To specify that data can be split into different jobs that start at the same time, check the Generate asynchronous operations box.
  4. To save the downloaded results and write them to the form later, click the Cache Query Results box, and then enter the time-out period in minutes.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the SAP system on which the service will be published.
  7. Select how the data will be downloaded. You can delegate downloading to the web service user, or you can select a system post.
    • Downloading can be delegated to the runner who submits the data in the form.
    • Downloading can be conducted through one of the system post accounts that are available for the selected SAP system. If you are not a system post designer or no system accounts exist for the selected SAP system, the system post option is not available.
  8. Click Publish.

    The web service, or WSDL, URL is generated. Use this URL to create your form in a form designer program.

    You can update the web services that you published within Foundation. The Foundation admin can edit all web services.

Running a script in Composer

When you publish the form, you can choose whether the form uses SAP credentials that are saved to the Foundation site or whether the script runner needs to enter their credentials (Run with SAP credentials).

To run a form, the following must be true:

  • A Foundation license is assigned to the runner.
  • The runner belongs to the Runner group.
  • The runner's SAP credentials for the SAP system where the script is being run are saved to Foundation (if you did not specify Run with SAP credentials).