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Finding your way around

If you are looking for a specific command or feature, see the Where is it in Studio v11? topic.

Start on the File tab

When you start Winshuttle Studio v11, you see the File tab. Here, you can choose between Transaction, Query, and Direct.

You can also open and save scripts and data files, view information about files and runs, and set options for using Studio.

The File tab contains buttons that were located throughout the program in earlier versions of Transaction, Query, and Direct.

What commands are available on the File tab?

The File tab contains New, Open, Save, the Info tab to display information about the current script and data files, and Options to set options for your installation of Studio. The File tab also includes the Log Viewer, Scheduled Tasks, and Account.

Finding other commands

For tables that match the previous and new locations of the most commonly used Transaction commands, see the Where is it in Studio v11? topic.