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Open an existing Excel data file

When you create a new script, you can edit the data file.

You can open an existing data file before you start recording or from the Data Set panel on the Map tab.

Important: Excel data files that are password-protected and .xlsb files are not supported.

If you are unable to open the file, add the Foundation site to Trusted Locations.

You can open existing data files that contain Excel formulas and drop-down menus (data validation). You cannot add or change the formulas or menu choices while Studio is open, but you can change them later in Excel.

If the file contains PivotTables, 3-D charts, or custom XML, it opens in read-only mode. Studio v11 uses SpreadsheetGear, which does not support those Excel features. If you click Enable Editing, they will be removed.

  1. Open the data file in Excel to enter any data that is needed, and then close the file.
  2. Open the script in Studio v11.
  3. Validate the data.
  4. Click Run. The data file opens in a separate instance of Excel and the data is uploaded to or downloaded from SAP.

Note: If you open the file in Excel and it is already open in Studio, the file will open in read-only mode.