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Custom Winshuttle roles for the SAP server

This feature can be used on the SAP server with or without Winshuttle Function Module (WFM) installed. If you are going to use WFM, use SAINT to install it before you set up the custom roles.

Steps (to be performed by the SAP Administrator)

  1. Import the transport into the SAP system.

    The import process automatically creates these roles in the SAP server:

    /WINSHTLQ/CMN_ADMIN_ROLE Winshuttle role for ADMIN

    /WINSHTLQ/CMN_AUTHOR_ROLE Winshuttle role for AUTHOR

    /WINSHTLQ/CMN_RUNNER_ROLE Winshuttle role for RUNNER

  2. Assign the SAP users to the appropriate roles.

More information

Custom Winshuttle roles streamline the process of giving required authorizations to people who will use Winshuttle Studio to interact with SAP systems.

For more information, see Custom Winshuttle roles for the SAP server in the Winshuttle Function Module Help.