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Release Notes
Read the latest release notes for up-to-date information about new features, bug fixes, known issues, and more.Winshuttle Designer/Workflow

Master Data Solution Accelerators
Master Data Solution Accelerators are guidelines for using Winshuttle products to create and implement form and workflow solutions for Master Data. Includes downloadable sample files.

Tutorial: Creating your own Vendor Master Solution
Walk through the end-to-end process of creating a form and workflow for vendor master creation in SAP (using Winshuttle Designer, Transaction, Query, and Microsoft InfoPath). Includes downloadable sample files.



  • As of March 31st 2017 Winshuttle Designer 10.6 and earlier versions are 'END O F LIFE' products no longer supported by Winshuttle.
  • Winshuttle Designer 10.7-10.9.1 are eligible for limited support only.
  • See the product availability table for more information.

Winshuttle Designer has been replaced by Winshuttle Composer.

With Winshuttle Designer you can create business workflows with documents that seamlessly integrate with a Microsoft SharePoint environment. Workflows can be simple (with only 1-2 steps), or complex with many steps and participants.

With Designer you can:

  • Create, implement, and enforce your business processes, including document and form routing.
  • Create rules and logic behind a business process using a graphical user interface
  • Use additional controls to add functionality to Microsoft InfoPath
  • Design the layout and behavior of forms. 
  • Create Web services , which are recorded transactions (scripts) that can push or pull data to or from SAP. Web services can be published as a form or a workflow to a SharePoint server. Web services can also be connected to a form created in Microsoft InfoPath.

How to find Designer version number information

  1. From the Winshuttle Designer menu bar, click Help>>About…

    Winshuttle Designer Help-About menu

  2. This will display the product version and product release (for example, if you've installed hotfixes or other version updates).

    Winshuttle Designer Help - About screen