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Create a script to query SAP

Creating a Query script is a five-step process.

choose define map submit approve run process

  1. Choose fields by using tables, InfoSets, or logical databases. Or, if you are more familiar with transactions in SAP, you can create a query from a transaction recording.

    file new query

  2. Specify criteria.
  3. Map the script's fields to a data file.
  4. Submit the script for approval.
  5. Run the script to download the data from SAP.

These topics walk you step-by-step through the basic end-to-end process of building and running a query, starting with Choose fields.

For information on more advanced features, see the best practices or click the links at the end of a topic.

The number of tables that you can add to a query is specified in the Foundation site's settings. If you are not able to add all the tables that you need, contact your Foundation site manager or consider using an InfoSet or a logical database (LDB).

Winshuttle Function Module is required for multiple-table queries on systems that are running Winshuttle SAP Integration Server v11.x.

Approving your own queries

If you have a developer role, and if self-approval is enabled by the administrator, you can run files on a nonproduction server without submitting them for approval.

If your Foundation administrator removes the approval requirement, all queries can be created and run without first being approved.