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Run: Upload the mapped data to SAP

run step of record map submit approve run process

You can upload the data from the Run tab in Studio, or you can use the Excel Add-in. If the script requires data file approval, you must submit the data file to Foundation from the Excel Add-in. Until the script is approved, a Test command replaces the Run command.

run tab with test button

The Run tab displays details about the Transaction script and data file that are being used. You can add a comment about why the script is being run in the Run reason box.

Run the script

  1. Click the File tab, and click Open.
  2. Under Open, click Transaction Scripts Library.
  3. Double-click the script in the Transaction Scripts Library on the right side of the screen.
  4. Click the Run tab.

    Note: To enter data in an Access database file, click the Map tab, and then click Start Access.

  5. Enter the data that you want to upload.
  6. Click the top of the Run button.

    If prompted, save the script file.

    If you do not see the Run button, or you see a button that says Test, either the script has not been approved or you opened a local copy. Open the file from the Transaction Scripts library.

If errors occur while the script is running, Transaction continues to upload data for any remaining records. In Excel, any success and error messages returned from SAP are logged into the log result column, with one log per record.

Fix errors

  1. Correct the values.
  2. Click the arrow on the Run button, and then click Run Only Error Rows.

Studio Transaction uploads only the corrected records.

Run options for script developers and runners

These options can be set by the script developer or the script runner.

  • Run Specified Range: To upload only some of the rows in your data file. Use the Start Row and End Row boxes to specify the range.
  • Run and Stop on Errors: To stop the run on the SAP screen where the error happened. This option brings the SAP screen into the foreground whenever an error occurs during the run.
  • Run First 5 Rows: To run the first five rows in the data file to test the data before you start a large run.
  • Run Only Error Rows: To process rows after you have fixed the data in them.
  • Run Only Unprocessed Rows: To run rows that have been added or were not processed because the run stopped. This option can be set by the person running the script.
  • Debug: To open the SAP console and step through the script screen by screen while uploading data from the data file to SAP. For more options, click the arrow under the Debug button and choose Debug Specified Range or Debug First Row Only.

These options can be set only by the script developer.

  • Require Run Reason: To open the Run reason box when the script is run. Winshuttle Studio adds some basic information about the script, but the person who starts the run can provide more details.
  • Run Only Unprocessed: To run rows that have been added or were not processed because the run stopped. This check box can be selected only by the script developer.
  • Upload Delay (ms): To add a slight processing delay (in milliseconds) between each row for transactions that require a delay for commit code processing.

For troubleshooting specific situations, see the Winshuttle Support Knowledge Base.