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Adding users to Winshuttle Central

You can use your company's Windows Active Directory and LDAP to add users to CENTRAL. Note that users can be added from domains, but not from groups because the individual user names cannot be resolved.

Adding single-level groups

Normally only one level of groups are supported. Winshuttle Central does not support nested domain groups (i.e. a domain group within a domain group), or a domain group within a computer management group.

However, Winshuttle Central can recognize a domain or computer management group that has been added to a SharePoint group.

  1. Open the Winshuttle Central Administration page.
  2. Click People and Groups.

  3. Click New.

  4. In the Users/Groups box, type a domain name or user name. Click Check Names  to verify. (As an alternative, you can click the Address Book to locate a name).
  5. Select the Contribute Permission level, and then click OK to add the user to the site.

  6. To send a welcome email message to users, select Send welcome e-mail to new users.
  7. In the Subject box, type a subject for the email message.
  8. In the Personal Message box, type a message, and then click OK.

Removing a user from a group

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  1. On the Group page, select the name that you want to remove from a role


  2. Click Actions, and then click Remove Users from Groups.
  3. Click OK to confirm the removal.