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Winshuttle Central Site Menu: Manage Licenses

With Winshuttle Central you can manage all licenses for all Winshuttle products used in your company.

Winshuttle licenses are activated through an .xml file that is sent to you in an email message. The activation could contain one or several licenses. After the licenses are activated, you can then use Winshuttle Central to assign licenses to users.

Licenses may be grouped as Workgroup or Foundation.

Winshuttle Workgroup Licensing

One (1) Winshuttle Central license is assigned for each Winshuttle product license (whether Winshuttle Query, Transaction, or Runner).

For example, suppose you have 100 Winshuttle Central licenses. If you have 5 Winshuttle Query users, 5 Winshuttle Transaction users,  and 10 users of both Winshuttle Query and Transaction, 20 Central licenses are used and 80 remain unassigned.

Note that if a single user has both a Winshuttle Transaction and a Winshuttle Query license, only one Winshuttle Central license is assigned.

Workgroup product licenses

  • Workgroup Studio (Transaction, Query, Direct)
  • Winshuttle Runner (Runner for Transaction and/or Runner for Query)
  • Winshuttle Central

Winshuttle Foundation Licensing

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Through Foundation licensing, users are assigned either a Studio, Standard, Professional, or Reviewer license. No specific Winshuttle Central license is required.

Winshuttle Foundation product-licenses appear as the following products:

  • Winshuttle Application Server, which includes Central and Workflow
  • Winshuttle SAP Integration Server, which supports Server for Transaction and Query
  • Enterprise Studio (Winshuttle Transaction, Query, Direct, and Designer)
  • Professional for mass upload
  • Standard for single upload
  • Reviewer

Concurrent logons 

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Users can log on to 2 computers at the same time, but not 3. (If a user logs on to a 3rd computer, the user is notified that only two logons are allowed and the 3rd session is disconnected.)