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Creating new document libraries in Winshuttle Central

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Creating new document libraries

  1. On the Winshuttle CENTRAL Administration page, click Libraries.
  2. Click Create.
  3. On the Create page, click Document Library.
  4. In the Document Library pane, in the Name field, type a name for the library.

    Note: Click More Options if you need to specify additional options, such as Version History, Document Template, or Navigation).

  5. Click Create.

The new library appears in the Libraries list.

Overview of Winshuttle Central Libraries

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Winshuttle Central files are stored in the following SharePoint libraries:

  • Transaction Scripts
  • Data Files
  • Supporting Files
  • Completed Data Files
  • Query Scripts
  • Query Templates
  • Data Dictionaries
  • Query Data Files
  • Solution Packages

You can view these libraries on the Winshuttle Central Administration page under Libraries.




Stores .txr files or script files. Scripts describe how data should be uploaded or downloaded.

Data Files

Stores .xls, .xlst files, or .xlsm. Data files contain the information you want to upload. The Data files folder is further subdivided into three folders.

Data templates

Data templates are .xls, xlst, or .xlsm files that are created each time you create a .txr and when you submit a .txr for review. Before you run a template, you must save it to a local drive.

Ready to Run

Data files that have been approved.

Supporting Files

Stores any documentation that explains either script or data files. Supporting documents are attached when a document is submitted for approval

QUERY Scripts

Stores query files that have been submitted for review. You can also view input files by finding the appropriate query file, and then under Input files, clicking View for that query.

QUERY Templates

Stores Excel files that include embedded query files.

Data Dictionaries

Stores collections of the most frequently used SAP tables.

QUERY Data Files

Stores data related to query scripts that are run successfully on server.

Solution Packages

Stores Workflow Solution Packages that are submitted from Winshuttle Designer to CENTRAL.

NOTE: Deleting scripts and templates

When you delete scripts from Winshuttle Central, any corresponding data templates are also deleted.

NOTE: The Delete scripts and templates feature only works for Winshuttle Transaction Scripts.