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Creating custom document libraries for Winshuttle Foundation

To create a custom document library:

  1. On the Foundation menu bar, click Content, and then click Add New Library.

Adding a new library from the Winshuttle Foundation menu

  1. Enter the following values
  • A name for the library
  • The type of the library:
    • Transaction: Scripts, Data Templates, Data Files, Supporting Files, Completed Data files
    • Query: Scripts, Query Templates, Query Data Files, Supporting Files
  1. Click OK to create the new library.

The new library can now be used with the Winshuttle Studio Client and Add-Ins.

To make the custom library available to a specific team, create a custom SharePoint group that contains the team members. After you create the library, grant Contribute permissions to the custom SharePoint group.

Note: For Data files and Script libraries, be sure to associate the correct workflows with their respective libraries.