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Developer process extensions reference guide

Winshuttle provides a developer Web service application programming interface (API) to enable developers to create custom applications outside of the SharePoint environment.

The developer Web service is located at the following URL

http://<forms site path>/_vti_bin/SVProcess.asmx

To use the Winshuttle API, you need access to a development environment such as Visual Studio, to reference and create the code that triggers available operations.


  1. Download this sample (.ZIP) file.ZIP file icon This .ZIP file contains a sample file (.SLN file) that launches a Winshuttle Composer solution.
  2. Extract the .SLN file from the file.
  3. In Winshuttle Composer, create a new Composer solution called ProcessExt. In the solution, create one text field (field_1) and one activity in a swimlane called Manager.
  4. Deploy the solution you created in the previous step to your Forms site.
  5. From Visual Studio, run the .SLN file contained within the sample file downloaded in Step 1.

    The code creates two sets of XML, and then runs a connection to the web service in order to run the command that you want. In our example, we’re trying to launch a simple process.

  6. Replace the following values in the code:
  • Line 44: The login value needs to be a valid user to be assigned to the Manager swimlane
  • Line 55: The credentials to a service account with proper access need to be added
  • Line 57: The URL to your site’s web service needs to be added
  • A “Web Reference” needs to be added to the Visual Studio project that points to the same URL as above (http://<forms site path>/_vti_bin/SVProcess.asmx address)
  • Line 63: This line in code needs to be changed EVERY time that you deploy the solution within Composer. To get this:
  1. Open the Forms Library in your Forms site. Download a copy of the file that you are working with.
  2. On your local machine, change the extension of this file to .CAB
  3. Open the file and then open the Template.XML file. You will see this line in there. Copy that value into your Visual Studio project and rebuild the project.

Note: You can copy the entire contents of this directory into the Visual Studio project variable “formXml” and it will allow you to update the Form as well

Compile and run the project. You should be able to enter a value into the displayed textbox and click the button.

After a brief pause, you will receive an error message or success message. If you get a success message, you can visit your Forms site and see that the process was completed successfully.

This example only shows how to create a process that has been deployed into the environment. For more information about other commands or more complex configurations, please see the below.

Developer Process Extensions

Click a process name to view information, arguments, examples, and more about each extension.

adoptParentProcess * GetProcessInfoXML*
cancelProcess getRejectedProcessData*
completeAssignment getRunningProcessData
completeFormProcess* getSharePointItem
completeProcess GetWorkflowItemData*
(use startFormProcess instead)
FillDataForRunningProcessesXML* reAssignment*
GetAllInputFields* start*
getapprovedProcessData startFormProcess
getAssignmentsDataSet startFormProcessStandard
getAssignmentsXml startFormProcessStandardText
getCompletedProcessData startProcess
GetFormXmlForProcess* startRoute*
GetImage* updateSharePointItem*

* Deprecated