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Configuring Dynamic Refresh

The dynamic refresh option should be used when there is a large amount of workflow data.

When the dynamic refresh option is enabled, the web-part will work independently inside of a frame and can refresh itself without refreshing the entire page. For example, you can re-sort the contents of a task-list web-part without completely reloading all of the other web-parts that are on the page. This is particularly useful for instances where the data -- the task list in this example -- may be extensive.

In addition, the dynamic refresh option uses optimized queries to maximize performance over large data sets.

Dynamic Refresh is a shared property, which means that the property is stored with the same value for all users.

How to configure Dynamic Refresh

  1. Edit the Web part settings (under Winshuttle Settings).
  2. Click (select) the check box next to Dynamic Refresh to enable it. (Or, uncheck the box if you want to disable Dynamic Refresh.)


  • For a new installation of Workflow, Dynamic Refresh is set to ON by default for newly created sites and Web parts.
  • If you have upgraded your version of Workflow,, Dynamic Refresh will preserve the setting of the previous installation for existing sites. For newly created sites and newly added Web parts, Dynamic Refresh will be On by default.