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Installing Winshuttle Central

These installation instructions cover the installation, configuration, and deployment of Winshuttle Central versions 10.5 and later in a SharePoint 2010/2013 environment.

Before you begin

  • Review system requirements for important information about hardware, software, and accounts required for installation.
  • Create or use a test server for testing your Winshuttle Central installation and implementation.
  • Note: If you are using Kerberos and SQL Aliases, ensure that these components are configured and tested before you install Winshuttle Central.

  • Consider installation location options.
  • Review and understand the associated full system restore (disaster recovery) procedure for your SharePoint environment, including any separate SQL servers.
  • Close all applications and disable any programs that run automatically, including anti-virus, screen savers and operating system utilities.
  • Turn off the User Access Controls (UACs). UACs prohibit the correct installation of Winshuttle products. You must reboot the system after turning off the UACs.

Using a test server

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To minimize the risk of disruption and data loss, we strongly recommend installing SharePoint and Winshuttle Central on a development (i.e. non-production) server first. You can create, test, and refine your processes on the development server before moving them onto a production server in your real work environment.

Once the production server has Winshuttle Central installed and working correctly, and you are ready to move from the non-production to a production server, just specify the URL of the production server within Winshuttle Central (assuming it has been installed and configured correctly), and then publish your scripts to that server.

Options for installation locations

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Winshuttle Central can be installed on either a new Web application or on an existing web application. In addition, consider the following:

  • To aid isolation, performance, and disaster recovery, we recommend creating a separate web application for Winshuttle Central purposes.
  • The Central installer must be run on the active web front-end (WFE).
  • To configure Central on a new Web application, see Creating a Web Application.