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Working with Field packs (beta feature)

Note: Field Packs are a new feature to Winshuttle Composer and currently in BETA TESTING.

Field Packs enable you to streamline form creation by storing common and frequently-used form elements into a package that can be stored in a central location, shared with other form creators, and re-used in other forms. A Field Pack can contain groups, fields, rules, and data connections.

For example, you may have a collection of forms that all contain a group with a standard collection of fields (Name, Department, etc.) and data connections to commonly-used data sources-- for example, one or more commonly-used SharePoint lists. These could all be combined into a Field Pack and then shared with other form creators and/or re-used.

As a part of a solution, a field pack can contain any of the following:

Form Data Groups

Data Connections

Form Fields, including:

  • Name
  • Data Type
  • Default Value
  • Required
  • Validation Pattern
  • Data Range

All Validation Rules

All Formatting Rules

  • New Row Options
  • Delete Row Options

Action rules:

  • Set Field Value
  • Submit Form
  • Expand Group
  • Collapse Group
  • Reload Drop Down Options
  • Add New Row

Important Notes:

Field packs cannot use actions which refer to form controls, which includes:

  • Execute Web Service
  • Execute Query
  • Render Map

Rules must also:

  • Be self-contained within the field pack
  • Not refer to fields outside of the field pack
  • Not refer to form controls or elements