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Winshuttle Workflow CA Reporting allows you to extract process information in various forms. This information can provide insight and detailed information about every step within each of your Workflow processes. For example, you could use this information to monitor the length of time a given process takes to complete.

The Reporting section contains two options--click a link for more information.

  • Process Data Charts — allows you to create a graphical chart, representing process data from your database for the selected Web application. This enables you to analyze process productivity, so you can evaluate whether processes and workflow participants are meeting expectations, and make adjustments if needed.
  • Excel Workflow Data Dump — allows you to specify some criteria for the data dump, and deposits two Excel files into your chosen SharePoint document library as follows: 1) containing data for every workflow on every SharePoint site on your server, and 2) containing data about every assignment within each process. You can then use Excel’s reporting features to sort or report on process data as desired.