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Workflow 12.0.1

Expected Release: February, 2019

Fixed items

  • The nested repeating tables on the second level do not overwrite the other tables in the Composer solution now.
  • If drop-downs are used in a nested repeating table, the values are now displayed on routing the form.
  • Importing a second script into a Composer solution does not remove the mapping binding now.

Workflow 12.0

Release: August, 2018

New features and improvements

  • During Foundation Setup, if the URL field for Workflow Admin Site is incorrect, it will now be outlined in red when you press the Test Connection button.
  • The Maps element now uses Google’s 3.31 API.
  • Person and Group SharePoint column types can now be used with the User Column Parameter of the Form Process Launch Plugin.
  • A new global configuration key has been added to allow multiple create mht archiving job threads. The key allows job threads which number up to the processor core count. Read more.
  • Foundation now supports load balanced architectures with sticky sessions disabled.
  • A new command, ClearFormCacheLibrary, has been added to the Workflow Administration Administrator Commands page to clear the cache on demand.

Fixed items

  • Invalid promoted field data will no longer delete the form and process.
  • Workflow tasks created through the UseFormQueue property no longer leave the task on the User Governance site after completion.
  • Parent and child process histories can now be viewed in the Winshuttle Workflow web part.
  • When launching a new form, if there is an issue during the initial Save and Route, a draft will be created, preserving all data that has been entered. The form can be opened from the draft, and then corrected and routed as normal from both Forms and Foundation Sites.
  • Delegating for out of office using the “Delegate assignments where the Process Definition name Ends With” will now properly route.
  • When translating a form with a sortable table, the sorting ability is no longer lost.
  • Approve, Reject and Continue buttons will now be shown on resubmitted and copied forms.
  • Nested repeating table rows now render correctly in subsequent views.
  • Value setter nodes no longer cause save conflicts when the assignment before this node has been completed by SvService (Complete assignment).
  • SharePoint’s Advance Sharing menu for viewing permissions is now visible on Winshuttle form items on the User Governance site.
  • Excel workflows will no longer intermittently fail to sync metadata between the data file and the form list.
  • Translating a form to Chinese and then back to English will no longer leave the form in Chinese.
  • When multiple scripts are attached to an Excel workflow task, the script order and run availability will be maintained correctly.
  • The Move Archived Data will no longer create duplicates if there are errors in the item move. It will send an email to the user about the error (the user whose email was added while scheduling the job).
  • Plug-in parameters no longer disappear after configuring the Form Process Launch Plug-In.
  • Apostrophes in a drop down’s list of values will no longer truncate the value.
  • Comments from both the Process Control and History Control (when they are placed together) will now be shown in .pdf attachments sent with email notifications.
  • $form.disableGroup (hiding a group in the rules wizard) will no longer fail if spacers or labels are present in the group.
  • On Form Load rules that set a drop down contained in a repeating table to required will no longer generate a JavaScript error.
  • The validation on Date and Number Fields will not be checked when fields are hidden.
  • Form descriptions entered in Composer will now show in the Workflow Webpart dashboard tab.
  • When a group is disabled, the Signature control present in this group will also be disabled.
  • The AutoDeleteBlankRepeatingFormAreas key will now properly remove empty rows.
  • Pagination for Selectable Table elements will now be respected on initial load.
  • The activity or task name will no longer overlap the creation date in the process history.
  • Selectable table row count limits are now respected.
  • The Copy Attachment URL plugin no longer treats multiple attachments as having a space when encoding the URL, and will not place a %20 between attachment URLs.
  • The Copy Attachment URL plugin no longer adds additional commas when multiple files are attached.
  • The SharePoint List Query participant resolver no longer fails if the SharePoint column internal and display names are different.
  • Exporting processes from the Process Control page of Workflow Administration now retains the same order as shown on the page.
  • In the Form Process Launch plugin, the usersite parameter is no longer marked as required.
  • When opening data required task of TxR with a password protected template, if a user selects 'Review and Post one step,' then the same error message will now be shown on both the Studio and the Foundation sites.
  • SPSiteURL and SPList {UserSite} options are now included in the datatype dropdown menu on the Edit Plugin page of Workflow Administration.
  • The Validation element now properly respects values with double quotes.
  • When designing a Composer solution, default values for radio buttons are now displayed on the form.
  • Validation elements now validate even if no field has been edited.
  • When enabling the Include Item property, if the format property is left blank notifications will be sent using the default MHT format.
  • Reassigned Excel Workflow tasks, when completed through Studio, no longer route to the last user.
  • Data connections using a SharePoint Lookup column which has multiple values no longer displays on the form with multiple # characters.
  • On the Process tab of the Winshuttle Workflow web part, the Select All checkbox no longer remains checked after performing an action.
  • If the SharePoint Column participant resolver returns a user who does not exist on the site, the proper error will be displayed.
  • The Dashboard tab of the Winshuttle Workflow web part now respects updated published dates when sorting on published dates.
  • The Process History element now displays the correct order of events if the task is completed by an administrator.
  • Item_level Permissions Type property of Start Node now works with Replace option as well.
  • Item_level Permissions Type property of Start Node now works with Add option as well.
  • Approval nodes can now set blank values.
  • The legacy svservice job type “offlineformprocessor” has been removed, streamlining svservice performance.
  • Activity nodes no longer have the irrelevant property under Comment Required: “OnReject.”
  • Resubmitted forms now use the latest published version of the form and workflow.
  • The Set Column’s $RegExpExtract function now works with single quotes (‘) instead of encoded quotes (&quote;)
  • Drop downs with Force Option Values set to false can now be set to non-present values through rules.
  • Text Areas set to Rich Text now highlight if failing validation.
  • Notifications are now sent for Excel Workflow autorun completions.
  • Unchecked checkboxes not using custom values will now have a value of FALSE rather than blank.
  • Duplicate drafts opened in simultaneous browser sessions will no longer overwrite each other on save and route.
  • $form.DisableGroup no longer fails to disable the group if the group contains Spacers or Labels.
  • Rules on form load that set a drop down to required and retrieve data will no longer cause a conflict.
  • Query output to a selectable table using pagination will no longer clear pagination when clearing the table search.
  • Rendering issues with the attachment element have been fixed.
  • If clicking an invalid task, the warning page now displays 'Go back to the site' text as a link.
  • When designing a Composer solution, if the fields inside a repeating table are marked as required from the Form Data tab, a red asterisk will now display on the field headers.
  • Exporting to Excel from a repeating table no longer includes double quotes on dates.
  • The Sort Repeating Content Rule rule now works on a Repeating table which has Excel Operations and Pagination enabled.
  • Enabling and disabling via rules should now affect all appropriate fields on adding a new row to a repeating table.
  • Properties, such as character limits, no longer persist if the element type is changed such as from a Text Field to a Date Picker.
  • Excel workflows using the Copy Document plugin now include the correct file extension when using the rename option.
  • A repeating table containing a combo box will no longer convert the combo box to a text box or drop down when deleting a row.
  • Forms will no longer remain in a processing state when SharePoint list data connection is called from nested repeating tables used in Transaction script inputs.
  • Workflow will now warn you if you try to reference a view that does not exist.
  • The context menu for searched items in the Winshuttle Workflow process tab now works in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Drop-downs with modified values show display the error “Invalid Value," which means the original valid value has been modified and is not recognizable in the data source or manual range. (Previously, the modified values displayed with an empty drop-down.)

Known issues

  • In the Winshuttle Workflow web part, completed child processes will not show in the parent’s history. Perform a search on the child process name to confirm status.
  • When adding out of office delegations from the User Governance site, you may see a list of users that includes users not actually available to accept delegated workflow tasks. If you select a user who does not have access to the forms site, the delegation will not be allowed to be saved.
  • If using the Use Form Queue option, the date format will be different in a form name.
  • When using the Form Monitor Plugin, the originator specified may not be able to see the form item since it is created by the Workflow engine. Use controlled permissions on processes when using the Form Monitor Plugin.
  • The combo box drop downs icon will resize based on the column, which may result in drop down buttons which are larger than intended. To control the width, use custom CSS to fix columns or to add columns to the group.
  • As a Central Application Administrator or Workflow Form Site Owner, you will not be able to unlock tasks from the Foundation site. To unlock tasks, navigate to the form site containing the process.
  • Attachments given the same name as an existing attachment will overwrite the existing attachment.
  • If using the legacy web parts, completed child histories will not be visible from the parent process history.
  • The workflow admin account can delete out of office delegations without requiring any User Governance roles. Therefore, use of this account should be restricted to IT.
  • In the history for a task, out of office delegations appear below the name of the user from whom the task was delegated, which may appear chronologically out of order. View the original recipient and any additional reassignments as a single entry in the history.
  • Attachment controls in repeating elements may move up the row order if earlier rows contain no files. Until this is resolved, try to avoid having higher rows with attachment controls that lack attachments.
  • The Winshuttle Archived History (Winshuttle History Viewer Feature) does not include information for canceled processes.
  • Rules on repeating tables that are not in the current view will not fire.
  • Form closes when double clicking on any value of LookUp Control, and that value is setting blank value under any text box field.