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Foundation 11.x User Governance (on-premise) release notes

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Foundation User Governance 11.2.5 release notes

Release: July 2017

Developer comments 

The Foundation 11.2.5 release primarily contains bug fixes for Winshuttle Foundation Workflow, Winshuttle Composer, and Winshuttle Foundation User Governance. It also includes enhanced security updates for Foundation User Governance. Note that activation must be done using Internet Explorer.


  • Workflow: 11.2.5
  • LMS: 11.2.5
  • SAP Integration Server: 11.2.0
  • Composer 11.2.5
  • Winshuttle Studio 11.2.0

Upgrade Paths

  • Foundation User Governance 11.2.x and later can be upgraded to 11.2.5
  • Foundation User Governance 11.1.1 can be upgraded to 11.2.5

New features and improvements

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing an error when clicking the Add User
  • Fixed the "About" linkin the User Governance footer so it directs to the correct location.
  • Fixed an issue causing the error 'Object Reference not set to an instance of an object ' that could occur when importing a single user.
  • Fixed a cross-site scripting security issue in the LicenseDetailsReport.cs page.
  • Fixed an issue causing the following error: "Foundation Site Unavailable - Studio Logon Exception to type 'AutoMapper.AutoMapperMappingException' .
  • Fixed a rendering issue that could occur using the Quick Edit feature in a SharePoint List.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Scheduled Jobs from passing to the SAPIS queue.
  • Fixed an issue where SAP Logon Details would not allow instances that end in 9

Known issues

  • Activation must be done using Internet Explorer.
  • The time displayed for a scheduled Restore job is displayed
  • The Manage License page does not display the environment map correctly if licenses are searched by applying a search filter.
  • The Data Dictionary administrative user is not able to view the data dictionary uploaded by any other user on the Foundation site when there is more than one version of the Data Dictionary.
  • An open Foundation site in the Microsoft Edge browser window is converted to a blank Edge browser window when a Transaction/Query script is opened directly from the Foundation site.
  • After an upgrade, a custom supporting document library cannot be created. (Workaround: Create the Supporting Documents Library from the SharePoint User Interface).
  • An error ("Input String was not in correct format") will occur when searching completed form processes after the process page has been idle for more than 30 minutes.
  • An error (""String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.") will occur on the manage scheduled job page after a job is scheduled and then the server locale is changed.
  • The "Top X " filters are not displaying the correct numbers for "Scripts processed by Tables".
  • The "View all server processes" link is not working properly.
  • On the Manage Scheduled Job page, editing is disabled for Query SharePoint list jobs but enabled for Query Excel Jobs.
  • The date format is not displaying correctly per the User Settings locale specified for the Dashboard Reports page and SharePoint Audit Configuration page
  • Administrator cannot enable SharePoint Audit configuration, even after running the SharePoint commands described under error code 1001 .
  • On the Database Connection page, an exception error occurs when the Database connection string is updated with a username.
  • On the Process page, duplicate form entries are created after marking forms (forms with the same name but deployed on multiple Formex sites) as Favorites.
  • After marking form (Forms with same name deployed on multiple Formex sites) as Favoutire from Process Page, Forms from both the sites will be marked as favourite
  • On the Manage Credentials page, an error ("Connection is not secure") can occur while adding SAP Credentials for Non SSO SAP Server from Manage SAP Credentials page. This occurs in Firefox54.0.1 (32-bit).

Winshuttle User Governance 11.2.1 Release Notes

Release: May 2017


  • Workflow: 11.2.1
  • SAPIS: 11.2.1
  • Composer: 11.2.1
  • LMS:  11.2.1

Upgrade Paths

  • 11.1.1
  • 11.2.0


  • Fixed the limitation where only 500 Characters were allowed in the text box for adding a Foundation Site URL binding from the Foundation Setup Page.
  • Fixed an issue where the User Governance Menu Bar Missing from Foundation site
  • Fixed an issue on the Manage Scheduled Jobs page that caused an error message: “Filter for Licenses Error - An empty parameter-list generated the wrong SQL: parameter name 'crmLicenseIds'”
  • Fixed an issue in the installer causing an upgrade to fail with the following error: “Input string was not in a correct format.” (This was caused by running the installer on a non-English (French) windows server where a period is replaced by a comma symbol.)

Foundation User Governance 11.2.0 release notes



  • Workflow 11.2.0
  • SAP Integration Server 11.2.0
  • License Management System 11.2.0
  • Composer 11.2.0

Upgrade Paths

Foundation User Governance 11.1.1 can be directly upgraded to Foundation User Governance 11.2.0.

For older versions (i.e. Central 10.x), upgrading is a two-step process:

  1. Upgrade the older Central 10.x version to User Governance 11.1.1
  2. Upgrade User Governance 11.1.1 to User Governance 11.2.0

New features in version 11.2.0

User Governance version 11.2.0 does not include any new features.

Issues fixed

  • If you are adding multiple User Governance sites into Foundation Setup and press the ENTER key while entering URLs, the URL field receives encoded characters. This will prevent Studio clients from connecting with any of the entered URLs.
  • If multiple web applications/site collections on the same SharePoint farm are being setup and the site language gets reset, the Foundation site becomes unusable
  • The Foundation home page redirects to the Foundation Setup page after the server or database restarts.
  • As part of the Autorun process (which includes 2 jobs: Winshuttle Central Autorun and Winshuttle Central Autorun Blob), the Winshuttle Central Autorun Blob job begins as scheduled but remains in a "running" state, and thus never starts its next scheduled job because it is already running.
  • Text on the Log Settings page explaining Privacy Mode Settings has been improved.
  • "Submit to Foundation" no longer causes an error message when a user tries to submit a chained script with 2 or more scripts.

Known Issues

  • In SharePoint 2010, the footer overlaps with content if charts are expanded on Home page.
  • "Sysadmin role required" error occurs if the setup account does not have dbcreator role.
  • On a French 2010 configuration, an error ("Invalid File Name/Path") occurs when selecting any custom supporting document library through when adding Supporting documents and clicking Add Existing.
  • Using an existing supporting file and choosing a supporting file sent from Foundation 10.x. results in the wrong file getting attached with the data file.
  • Winshuttle SAP Integration Server text strings are inconsistent in some places for German language configurations.
  • The Reviewer field is not applicable as a Search Filter for Data Dictionary, and using results in an error (Unexpected Error) if it used to search.
  • In a Winshuttle Designer workflow in Firefox, the UI for the Data File library can appear distorted.
  • The Winshuttle Foundation installer displays an incorrect icon in the Windows Task Bar, and an incorrect name and description in the Windows Task Manager.
  • The User search filter on the Policy page is not filtering search results properly.
  • Users assigned to either the Central Site Admin and/or Reviewer roles can still edit site settings / approve files even after they are deleted from the Manage User page .
  • In the Spanish version of Microsoft Excel 2016, generating an Excel template from a site results in all of the column names being entered into a comma-separated list of text in a single column.
  • The Comments header section is overlapping in the BulkApproval/Rejection popup.
  • The footer overlaps on the My Settings page.
  • In a Query script with input files, the input file details are not being displayed in the Properties (Documents tab) on the Contents\Query Scripts page.
  • On the Foundation Tasks page, clicking the Select All checkbox can cause the Abort button to appear, even for individual items for which the select checkbox is disabled.
  • After upgrading, some SharePoint and Active Directory groups are not visible on the Policies page.
  • Files with an indeterminate state on the SAP Integration Server are getting 'stuck' and displayed as 'In Progress' on the SAP Integration Server Infrastructure page and can't be cleared.
  • Usage report shows wrong path for some of the query result files
  • In some cases, some performance decreases on the Form and Task pages have been noted.
  • After a migration or upgrade, scheduling a SharePoint list query can cause a processor exception of type 'System.Exception'
  • When opening the SAP Server option from the Data Required task from the Foundation Site, the selected Custom Workflow is reloaded and the End User selection is not retained.
  • In the Content Library, the '+' link to navigate to folders inside the document library is missing from the right-hand navigation.
  • On the Query scripts content page, the input file is not visible anywhere on the Foundation page for Linked Query Input Files.

Foundation User Governance 11.1.1 release notes


Foundation User Governance 11.1.1 is compatible with following Foundation modules:

  • Workflow 11.1.1
  • SAP Integration Server 11.1.1
  • License Management System 11.1.1
  • Composer 11.1.1

Upgrade Paths

  • Winshuttle Central 10.7 Hotfix 2 can be directly upgraded to Foundation User Governance 11.1.1.
  • Versions prior to Winshuttle Central 10.7 Hotfix 2 must be first upgraded to Central 10.7 Hotfix 2, and then upgraded to Foundation User Governance 11.1.1

New features in version 11.1.1

  • Enhanced User Experience: New SharePoint independent UI, easy-to-discover menu items and dynamic homepage with widgets, Foundation User Governance packs a rich user experience. Menu items are now visible based on the user roles. The new Workflow tab in the Foundation User Governance site integrates Workflow with Central and Forms, Processes and Workflow tasks can be accessed from here.
  • Favorites: Mark as favorites option with Forms and Form sites helps with quicker access.
  • Ability to save Windows Credentials: To help with background posting (Autorun, Run Later Server) on a SAP server configured with Windows (AD) credentials.
  • My Settings page: All user roles, licenses and credentials are now available on a single page
  • Add Users in bulk: Using excel template or directly import a SharePoint or an Active Directory group from the Users menu item.
  • Roles: Roles have been renamed to more meaningful titles. Roles and licenses can be provided in one go while adding users where for each license recommended roles are auto-selected.
  • User and License Administrator: A new role called ULA has been introduced to aid Winshuttle license management at a department or Business Unit level.
  • Policies: Policies are now also applicable to web-services runs along with all other jobs scheduled at the SAP Integration Server. Policies are now validated at the Worker to ensure more accurate applicability.
  • Dashboards: Out of the box dashboards to report cost/time savings, Scripts/T-codes/Tables/License/SAP-system usage.
  • Reports: All reports aggregated under the Reports menu; reports can be exported to excel.
  • Usage Tracking: New Privacy setting for usage reports sync to Winshuttle servers: Secure (Sync all logs), Sync only Anonymous data, Private: No logs sync
  • SAP Integration Server Management Cockpit: Two new pages are available for users with CAA roles for tracking Server infrastructure (Managers, Workers, Queues) and tasks run by Workers.
  • Foundation Setup page: Single page to associate all modules of Foundation like Workflow, Composer, LMS and SAP Integration server.


  • SAP and Windows credentials are now validated before being saved.
  • Search, filter and sort features have been added for all content pages such as Scripts, Data-files, templates etc.
  • Users are validated to avoid duplication.
  • Date controls now support locales.
  • Descriptions have been added for Roles
  • Users can now update their own regional settings (locale, time zone).

Known Issues

  • Breadcrumbs are missing on these pages after upgrading: Authorization fields, Client features, Developer Proficiency Level, System Usage Level
  • User Governance site will not load if an admin changes it from SharePoint Experience to SharePoint 2013 Experience in a SharePoint 2013 environment
  • Usage reports show wrong the path for the query result files in custom data file libraries
  • Scheduled jobs fail after upgrade unless the SAP Integration Server URL is re-saved on other sites where the setup wizard was not run.
  • AutoRun schedule date time is not correct when day light saving is on and the user's time zone is different from SQL machine time zone
  • SharePoint and Active Directory Groups are not visible under Policies after an upgrade
  • License Audit Report intermittently shows records a few hours before/after the selected date range
  • After upgrading, the Auto Run Blob (Binary Large Object) job can be intermittently stuck in an In-Progress state
  • In a Network Load Balanced environment, you may encounter the following error if you run the Data Dictionary Upgrade Utility: Error (Invalid URI: The URI is empty)
  • Upgrade: Recurrence Monthly Jobs scheduled by selecting Weekday in 10.x are not getting scheduled after upgrade.
  • Web Service ROI logs that are not synced before upgrading will not displayed on the site after upgrading.
  • You can experience the following error during an upgrade when accessing a site on a second Web application: "Invalid configuration parameter"
  • Some delays can be experienced accessing Dashboard Reports
  • The scroll bar for license reports is not displayed in the popup window in the Microsoft Edge browser, and is only partially visible in Firefox, which can block navigation to other pages
  • The email subject is different from what is in the template for the following tasks: data required, review required.
  • Users are unable to login to Studio when a second User Governance site has been specified on the Foundation Settings page, and the URLs were entered with a semicolon and a space in between the URLs on Associate Foundation page. (Make sure the Site URL exactly matches the URL provided in the client.)