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Activating Licenses

Winshuttle Central Activation

  1. On the home page of your target Winshuttle Central Site Collection, click WINSHUTTLE Central Administration
  2. Under Site, click Activate Licenses.
  3. In the Activation Code box, add the activation code that you received in the Winshuttle Licensing Information email.

    Activate Licenses 1

  4. In the User Information box, type the e-mail address of the Winshuttle license administrator for your company. (Because the license administrator and the person who installs the software may be different, a copy of the license file is sent to this email address.)

    Activate Licenses 2

  5. If the Server is not connected to Internet, do the following (otherwise skip to step 6):
    • Click Get License URL Offline
    • Copy the URL. On a PC connected to the Internet, open the URL in a Web browser.
    • Download and Save the License file to a location the server can access (a network share for example)
    • Click the Browse button in the Select license activation file section
    • Choose the resultant file from the select share and click Open then skip to step 9
  6. Click Download License File on the Central License page.
  7. Save the file to a backup or shared location accessible by the server machine.
  8. Under Select license activation file, click Browse and navigate to the newly downloaded license file. This is an .xml file
  9. In the Description of this activation box, type a user-friendly description of the activation. Click Activate License.