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Installing the Workflow SharePoint Binaries

Note: The installation program for Winshuttle Workflow Server and Designer supports Spanish, French, and German. However, the applications (dialog boxes, menus, etc.) currently do not.

Installing Winshuttle Workflow

  1. Extract all files from the WSWorkflow .ZIP archive.
  2. Right-click Setup.exe and select Run as Administrator.
  3. In the ZIP Self-Extractor window, type the location to save the temp files in, and then click Unzip.

    Note: Do not close the extractor until it displays Finished.

  4. Click Next.
  5. Read the license agreement. Select the I agree to the licensing terms check box. Click Next. If you have a license key, you can enter it now, but you have up to 45 days after installation until you are required to enter it.
  6. Enter the credentials of the Winshuttle Workflow Administrator service account.
  7. Enter the location in your file system where you want to place the root of the Workflow files.
  8. Enter the email address that you want the system to send email notifications from.
  9. Select Install Workflow on standard SharePoint menu.
  10. Enter the database settings for your environment.
  11. Select the preferred method of installing the database. If you choose SQL Server authentication, you must have Mixed Mode turned on for your SQL Server database.
  12. For Database Initialization Settings, select Trusted, and then click Next.
  13. Select the Web application that you want to install Winshuttle Workflow on, and then click Next to start the installation.
  14. At the Process Complete window, click Next.
  15. Click Finished.
  16. On the Chilkat Zip page, click Close.
  17. Open a command prompt, and perform an IISRESET.
  18. Verify the database installation to confirm that the sharevis database has installed successfully.

    Note: By default, the AutoGrowth settings for the sharevis database are set to Microsoft SQL Server default settings (1 MB for the data files and 10% for the transaction log files). Consult your database administrator if you need to adjust these settings for your environment.

For Spanish Setup only

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Note: The following does not apply to version(s) 10.6.1 and later.

  1. On the server where Winshuttle Workflow is deployed, browse to C:\Program Files\ShareVis\bin
  2. Right-click the SVConfigurator.exe and select Run As Administrator
  3. Expand the Sharepoint site (e.g. http://es-kn.wse.wsmain.local:8888/), and then click Load.
  4. Click Add Key and add the following key:
    Key: SecurityAuthenticatedUser
    Value: NT AUTHORITY\Usuarios autentificados
  5. Click on Add key, and then click Save.

    Note: The scope of this key is global, and applicable for Spanish Operating Systems only.