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1.3 Winshuttle Foundation settings—Log and Report Settings

Use the Log Settings page to set the logging levels for the Winshuttle Foundation site.

Note: If you are debugging or if you need contact Winshuttle Support for any reason, Winshuttle Foundation log files can help you and the Winshuttle support team solve the problem.

Setting log file options

  1. From the Winshuttle Foundation home page, on the menu bar, click Settings.
  2. Under Server Settings and Connections, click Logs and Reports Settings.
  3. On the Log Settings page, you can set the following options:
    • Logging Level: Log None, Errors Only, or All.
    • Export Log: Export the log files with entries from the last 2/5/15/30/All days.
    • Clear Log: Clear log file entries from the last 2/5/15/30/All days.
  4. Click Execute to apply selected settings.

Privacy settings

Use Privacy Settings to change what log information is shared with Winshuttle servers.

Note: You must be a Winshuttle Administrator to access Privacy Settings.

Select a setting from the drop down menu, and then click Save.

  • Secure mode : All usage and feature tracking data is collected.
  • Secure-Anonymous mode : Winshuttle collects data, but personally identifiable information is removed from usage logs and reports.
  • Secure-Private mode (full privacy): No usage logs or other data is transmitted.