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Winshuttle Server 10.x Admin Tool Guide

To run the Winshuttle Server Administration Tool, double-click the Administration application at C:\Program Files\Winshuttle\Server\Tools\Administration (the default location).

The Winshuttle Server Administration tool (SVADM Tool) provides a graphical interface for making changes to the configuration file for Winshuttle Server (web.config), which governs various options for Winshuttle Server Manager.

Using the Server Administration Tool to edit the web.config file is safer, easier, and generally more efficient than manually editing the .xml in the web.config file with a text editor.


  • The default location for the web.config file is C:\Program Files\Winshuttle\Server\Manager\web.config
  • The Server Administration Tool is version-specific. For example, the 10.6 version of the server tool can only open and modify the 10.6 version of the Web.config file.
  • Always backup the web.config to a safe location before editing. A corrupt web.config file can stop all the services in Winshuttle Server.

Server 10.x Admin Tool Configuration—Table of Contents



Loading the web.config file  
Changing RabbitMQ Settings
Configuring the Server Database
Changing Allowed User Identities
Query caching options
Enabling integrated logon
Configuring execution settings
Migrating server databases
Deployment options