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Winshuttle Foundation 11.x—Workflow 11.x release notes

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Winshuttle Workflow 11.2.5 release notes

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Release: July 2017

Developer comments 

The Foundation 11.2.5 release primarily contains bug fixes for Winshuttle Foundation Workflow, Winshuttle Composer, and Winshuttle Foundation User Governance. It also includes enhanced security updates for Foundation User Governance.


  • User Governance: 11.2.5
  • LMS: 11.2.5
  • SAP Integration Server: 11.2.0
  • Winshuttle Studio 11.2.0
  • Composer 11.2.5

Upgrade Paths

  • Workflow 11.2.x and later can be upgraded to 11.2.5
  • Workflow 11.1.1 can be upgraded to 11.2.5


  • A new configuration key has been added to improve Email Approval functionality called StartTLS (Transport Layer Security).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that could occur copying saved forms when a list item deleted in a saved form was not deleted in the database entry for the saved form
  • Fixed an error that could occur deleting saved forms when a list item deleted in a saved form was not deleted in the database entry for the saved form.
  • Fixed an issue causing forms uploaded through Excel to incorrectly report validation errors when there are none.
  • Fixed an issue causing intermittent validation errors.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Row Number Field property from working correctly for Repeating tables if the Repeating Table contains a nested table.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Save and route from working with nested repeating tables.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Address element "Enter address here" from displaying in the address suggestions
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Query element from emptying fields when a query returns no results.
  • Fixed issues that prevented scripts created in Workflow 11.2.0 from working in 11.2.1 after upgrading.
  • Fixed an issue causing an infinite loop created by workflows using autolaunchOnEdit and createMHTfile jobs.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Workflow from archiving properly.
  • Fixed an error ("An item with the same key has already been added.") caused by saving a Workflow configuration key to a scoped list, deleting the key, and then trying to re-add it.
  • Fixed an SSL errorthat could occur on the Tasks, Forms, and Processes pages in an F5 load-balanced configuration.
  • Fixed an issue causing archived items in a Form Library to open in the incorrect view
  • Fixed an issue causing a Repeatable Table would not populate properly when a column is populated by data from a query (but it would work with data entered manually).
  • Fixed an issue preventing a query from returning time information from a SharePoint list Date/Time column.
  • Fixed an issue where subfolders in an XPath could Rules used in Repeating Tables to fail (i.e. rules in repeating fields would only be applied to other fields in the same folder).
  • Fixed an error causing a 'User Cannot Be Found' message when the Set Item Permissions plugin was run.
  • Fixed Winshuttle Workflow List errors that could occur using custom views with Winshuttle SharePoint lists.
  • Fixed an issue where column names for a lookup element would display the Internal Name instead of the Display Name for the column. This occurred when the SharePoint list was created through Quick Edit or imported through Winshuttle Query.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Send email plugin from showing the correct form view in an attached PDF file.
  • Fixed an error ("Value Cannot Be Null") caused by attaching multiple files to a form when one form has an invalid file name.
  • Fixed an issue where a Form view was cut off when a PDF file is exported through the send email plugin.

Known Issues

  • A Form workflow with a Query script using a Between operator with an And condition causes an error ("Object of type system.string can not be converted to system.string[]")
  • In the Process History the Final Status of processes whose tasks are bulk rejected are shown as Completed instead of Rejected.
  • The Comments column header is missing in the Winshuttle Archived History for list items.
  • SAP Document Upload is not working if nothing is entered in the attachment location field.
  • The SAP Document Upload process is updating data but not uploading the attached document to SAP.
  • Uploading documents to SAP is not displaying the correct error message when running a Web service from a form. ("Cannot execute webservice before routing the form" should be displayed, but "Leave the page or stay on this page?" is displayed instead.)
  • The Cannedcancelmode and Cannedcancelcomment configuration keys do not work for the From Processes page, but do work in the new Workflow Web part.
  • When using a New Row Option rule with a nested table, the "Add new Row" link gets disabled when the parent table's first row number is greater than 5.
  • Users with Edit permissions are unable to create a new solution through composer.
  • The Continue, Save, and Cancel buttons are not displayed on the task page after a form is resubmitted from the Processes page.
  • After resubmitting a rejected form, the process is not removed from the completed processes on the Process page.
  • The PrinterFriendlyMenuEnabled Workflow configuration key is not working; Process History is not displayed in the printer friendly view.
  • Cascading Drop Downs with Data Connections in Sync Mode inside a Repeating Table cause an "Invalid option" error when the form is opened.

Winshuttle Workflow 11.2.1 release notes

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Release: May 2017


  • Composer: 11.2.1
  • Foundation: 11.2.1
  • LMS: 11.2.1
  • SAP Integration Server:  11.2.1

Upgrade Paths

  • 11.1.1
  • 11.2.0

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where scripts were being executed multiple times, even though the submit button was only clicked once.
  • Fixed an issue where the Query web service results were not cleared when the Repeating Table property New Item location field is set to None.
  • Fixed an issue where SQL timeout errors could occur when the Upload Document Plugin is used in a workflow
  • Fixed an issue where the Change Group Display rule wasn’t working for a button field.
  • Fixed an issue where an F4 Lookup was triggering another Lookup to run without the user changing the field.
  • Fixed an issue where the tables with data entered via excel upload, with not all columns being rendered in the initial display, an error is observed on subsequent displays

Winshuttle Workflow 11.2.0 release notes

Release: 1-30-2017


  • Composer : 11.2.0
  • Foundation : 11.2.0
  • SAP Integration Server: 11.2.0
  • LMS: 11.2.0
  • Studio 11.2.0

Upgrade Paths

  • Direct upgrade from 11.1.1
  • Upgrade from 10.9.1 HF1 / HF2 to 11.1.1, and then upgrade 11.1.1. to 11.2


Form load performance improvements

  • Minimizing the number of times the application interacts with SharePoint
  • Improving efficiency in the number of views which are sent as part of server response
  • Improved browser caching, so that the form loads much faster when loaded the 2nd time
  • Improved data connections loading times, even when used in the synchronous mode
  • Improved indexing, reduced obsolete datatypes and more efficient queries

Form load performance measurements vs. 11.1.1.

  • 300% improvement in form load times for a Large Form*
  • 75% improvement in form load times for Medium** and Small Form***
  • 300% improvement in opening times of Large form Approval tasks
  • 65% improvement in opening times of Medium and Small form Approval tasks

Small, Medium, and Large form definitions:

***Large form – 25 data connections, 200 fields, 16 swimlanes, 5 web services

**Medium form – 15 data connections, 100 fields, 11 swimlanes, 3 web services

*Small form – 10 data connections, 50 fields, 6 swimlanes, 1 web service

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error that could occur when a date field in a form does not contain a value and the form is submitted to SAP, causing the following error: “String was not recognized as a valid Date Time" .
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when saving and routing a form that could cause the following error: “An unexpected error has occurred. Could not update a WFAssignment row, Value 0".
  • Fixed performance degradation issues due to site collection user enumeration – when about 10k users are added to a forms site.
  • Fixed an issue where an apostrophe in the username (e.g. O’brien) generated an error on form launch.
  • Fixed an issue where Subfolder items were not getting archived.
  • Fixed an issue where attachments in Repeating Tables were not being displayed if the same group existed in multiple views.
  • Fixed an issue where Created or Completed dates were showing differently in the Process Control page and the Form Specific SharePoint list.
  • Fixed an issue where attachments could not be opened using a mobile device.
  • Fixed an issue where the WS.URL element doesn’t work if the URL has a “#” in it.

Hotfix merges

  • All Workflow 10.x Hotfixes up to Workflow 10.9.1 HF3 / Composer 11.0.3 HF3

Known issues

  • Intermittent issues with cascading dropdowns with sync data connections
  • Intermittent issues with using Form Queues causing the SVService Job ProcessFormQueue to error out
  • In the new Winshuttle Workflow Webpart the username of the Re-Assignee is not visible
  • While extending Workflow to another Web App, database Login permissions are required
  • When dropdowns are loaded from Repeating Tables, you must use the “Reload Dropdown” rule, which can be used on the field change of a field in repeating table.

Winshuttle Workflow 11.1.1 release notes

Release: 9-30-2016


Foundation Workflow 11.1.1 is compatible with following Foundation modules:

  • Winshuttle SAP Integration Server 11.1.1
  • License Management System 11.1.1
  • Composer 11.1.1

Note: Winshuttle Designer is not supported by Workflow 11.1.1

Upgrade Paths

  • Winshuttle Workflow 10.9.1 Hotfix 1 or later can be upgraded to Winshuttle Workflow 11.1.1.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Web Services using the “Run with SAP Credentials” option were unable to be consumed
  • Fixed an issue causing an error when solutions designed with Composer 11.0.3 were being opened with Composer 11.1.

Hotfix Merges

  • 10.9.1 GA Hotfix 1 and Hotfix 2
  • 10.8 GA Hotfix 5
  • 10.7 GA Hotfix 12
  • 10.6.1 GA Hotfix 12

Known Limitations

  • In some cases while accessing Winshuttle Studio, the list of Published custom workflows is not displayed.
  • If the Winshuttle Process Controlled Form List Feature is not activated for a site, the Forms library Central Data File Document Library will be displayed in the Composer Data Files list.
  • After upgrading, drafts are not visible on the Processes page on the Foundation site.
  • After upgrading, the Winshuttle history option is not available in the Data File Library associated with Docex Workflows.
  • Database Login permissions are required for the upgrade on the extended web app
  • The following configuration keys do not work as expected: CancelEnabled, CannedCancelMode and CannedCancelComments.
  • The login name for the Re-assignee is not visible in the new Winshuttle Workflow Webpart.

Winshuttle Workflow 11.1.0 release notes

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Workflow 11.1 is compatible with following versions of other Winshuttle products:

  • Composer : 11.1
  • Foundation : 11.1
  • Winshuttle Server : 11.1

Designer is not supported in 11.1

Upgrade Paths

Direct upgrade from older versions of Workflow (10.x) is not currently supported.

New features

  • Excel Workflow: Enables you to define custom workflows for Excel Data Files. The Data file can be posted to SAP within Workflow. See Working with Excel Workflows in the Winshuttle Composer Web help for more information.
  • Field Encryption: The Field Encryption feature stores fields marked “Encrypt = True” in encrypted format in form xml, logs and Workflow Database. See Field Encryption in the Winshuttle Composer Web help for more information.

Workflow 11.1.0 Installer Improvements

  • EULA screen before system check
  • Start SP Admin Service on all WFEs if not already started
  • IISReset on all WFEs during Install/Upgrade/Repair/Uninstall
  • Get confirmation from user before aborting the installer
  • Check Workflow admin is present in 3 groups on all WFEs during Install/Upgrade*/Repair
  • Check WF admin permissions on Databases
  • Manage history viewer along with Workflow Install/Repair/ Uninstall
  • User is able to create SVService task using installer during fresh installation
  • Summary screen shows warnings and actions.
  • Check Background Jobs are disabled during Repair/Upgrade/Tools Installation on current WFE
  • User running the installer has access to Workflow Central admin by default during Fresh installation and installing Workflow Central Admin site i.e. tools
  • Web Application Deployment screen is refreshed on doing previous and next from ‘Web Application Deployment’ screen.

Additional Improvements

  • Move Archived Data Enhancement: Along with Archiving Workflow Data, Data File and Supporting Documents can be archived.
  • Added Administrative Control for Workflow web part
  • AutoRun Plugin Enhancements The plugin now respects the swimlane. The data posting will happen in context of the swimlane resolved user. Alternatively, data posting can happen in the context of the user who has completed another activity or approval node in the workflow, using the ‘runnernode’ parameter.
  • Workflow Site templates are available under category 'Winshuttle' instead of 'Custom‘.
  • Workflow web part is the default web part on new form site creation.
  • Process tab in Workflow Web part defaults to 'Running' processes.
  • Autopost rebranded as 'AutoRun‘.
  • Added support for optional language field while importing Transaction scripts which is respected during web services and F4 lookup for TxR.
  • Data type is shown for each field at various places like form data, form fields in solution tree etc.
  • In Workflow Process history, along with force complete, it is displayed whether the process was approved or rejected.
  • Added support for logging for import script (TxR/QsQ) in Composer.
  • Temp folder (from default and custom location) is cleared during upgrade and repair.
  • Removed mandatory credential checks when Active Directory authentication is used with SAP. (Windows credentials can now be stored on the Foundation site.)
  • ROI logs are returned so they can be validated with AutoRun, enabling workflows to be routed based on validation results.
  • User parameter removed from Winshuttle Update Plugin as it was not applicable.
  • [$Process.Comment] token added in Cancellation Message and ‘CancellationMessage’ configuration key by default which displays the cancellation reason in cancellation email.
  • Added provision in ‘Mark Inactive Processes’ admin command to start job from specific process ID.
  • Reminder Emails to support ‘IncludeItem’ property similar to assignment emails.
  • Attachment Control Validation to support the SharePoint filename requirements by default.
  • Out of Delegation to the same user who is adding delegation is not allowed.
  • In transition conditions, operators can be used directly [without using ToNumber()] with numeric fields.
  • [$Process.Comment] token added in ‘ForcedApprovalMessage’ and ‘ForceRejectionMessage’ configuration keys which displays the Force Approval/Rejection comments in the approval/rejection emails.
  • 'Export Process State’, ‘Copy Attachment’ and ‘Set Column’ plugins automatically handles the 'Require Documents to be checked out before they can be edited' property of document/data file libraries.

Workflow 11.1.0 Administration Site improvements

  • Exported csv file for plugin, form controls, participant resolver and configuration keys pages will contain the details of filter applied.
  • Added ‘Data older than’ criteria on ‘Purge Background Jobs’ schedule page.
  • Added provision on to delete processes already marked inactive on ‘Mark Inactive Processes’ scheduler page.
  • Values of ‘DatabaseImpersonationPassword’ and ‘SharePointImpersonationPassword’ keys are stored and displayed in encrypted format by default.
  • ‘DatabaseImpersonationDomain’, ‘DatabaseImpersonationUsername’ and ‘DatabaseImpersonationPassword’ keys are no longer available in ‘Configure Options’ page. These keys are available in ‘Farm Configuration’ page.
  • When Logging is enabled, it is enabled on all the web apps on which workflow is extended.
  • Messages on Workflow Central Administration site will not fade automatically.
  • Added ‘IncludeNotificationHistory’ and ‘IncludePluginHistory’ keys in ‘Configure Options’ page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Popup doesn't persist if only 1 items is returned in Lookup Control.
  • Fixed issue where ‘And Join’ was not working properly.
  • Fixed issue where WS.Lookup control was returning incorrect result from SQL table if the value of parameter in search criteria is Null.
  • Fixed issue where error regarding missing WinshuttleArchivedHistory Column was logged in the logs.
  • Fixed issue with printer- friendly menu options where some fields were truncated and blank pages were printed while printing the form.
  • Fixed issue where Workflow Participant System Control dropdown was cleared on any action on the form.
  • Fixed issue where ‘Send Email’ plugin was not working.
  • Fixed an issue where an error ("List cannot be found") was coming while opening task for Workflow Solutions with accented characters from task list web part.
  • Fixed issue where user who was not assigned the task was able to make changes in the form of in-progress workflow process.
  • Fixed issue where tasks/forms were loading with internal url instead of external url when the site was opened with external url.
  • Fixed issue where ProcessInfo() function was not working in SetColumn plugin.
  • Fixed issue where pressing Backspace or browser’s back button, another Web Service call was made and page remained in hang state. Now user will be taken to the previous page.
  • Fixed issue where Out of Office Delegation was not working in case of Team Assignment.
  • Fixed issue where Name Template fields were incrementing based upon a completed process.
  • Fixed issue where ‘Auto run at end’ and ‘Auto run at start’ in lookup control is not working with SharePoint list.
  • Fixed issue where form did not load properly if multiline task description was provided.
  • Fixed issue where Workflow process containing only Start and End node were not archived.
  • Fixed issues with filtering data from a SQL Server Data Connection having columns with name containing space.
  • Fixed issue while accessing Winshuttle Assignment & Process Status Lists on team site.
  • Fixed issue where Custom Swimlane PR was not working.
  • Fixed issue where ‘Form Monitor’ plugin was not working in SharePoint 2013 if ‘owner’ parameter was associated with promoted columns.

Hotfix Merges

  • 10.9.1 GA Hotfix 1
  • 10.8 GA Hotfix 5
  • 10.7 GA Hotfix 12
  • 10.6.1 GA Hotfix 12

Workflow 11.1.0 Known Limitations

Excel Workflow

  • 'Allow Replacement’ property is not supported from browser.
  • ‘Challenge on Approval’ is not supported in Studio.
  • ‘Allow Replacement’ is not supported for team assignment.
  • ‘Rename Document’, ‘Set Column’, ‘Copy Document’, ‘Set Item Permissions’ and ‘Remove Item Permissions’ plugins cannot be used immediately after the start node for Excel Workflow. You need to place wait plugin or an activity/approval node in-between start node and these plugins.
  • 'Deferred Copy Document', 'Delete Item', ‘Deferred Copy Document' and 'Set Item Permissions Inheritance' plugins are not supported to work for ‘Data File’ in Excel Workflow.

Workflow Server Installer

  • Error during repair/upgrade if workflow is installed on only one webapp and feature is deactivated from that webapp.
  • Error while running installer if user deletes the only webapp on which workflow was installed.
  • Pressing Backspace or browser’s back button, when form is launched directly from Composer, another Web Service call is triggered and the application hangs.