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Backup / Restore overview for Winshuttle Central

The procedures in this section will show you how to use Winshuttle Central Administration to back up, restore and schedule the following items:

  • LDAP Configuration
  • Application Settings
  • Email Templates
  • Licenses (assignments)
  • SAP Credentials
  • Policies
  • Site Preferences
  • Roles
  • Documents
  • Application Servers
  • Client Features
  • TRANSACTION Developer Scenarios
  • QUERY Developer Scenarios
  • System Usage Level Settings
  • Developer Proficiency Level
  • Authorization Field Settings
  • Winshuttle Server Configuration
  • Published web services

Note: This topic does not cover SharePoint backup and restore procedures.

In addition to your SharePoint farm backups, Winshuttle recommends that you regularly back up the complete Central Site by backing up both the configuration (licenses, etc.) and content (scripts and data files). Regularly backing up these components reduces the possibility of data losses that might occur from hardware failures, power outages, or other problems. It is a simple process and helps to ensure that all the Central data and configurations are available for recovery.

Preparing for backup

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  • Performing a backup does not affect the state of the Site, but does require resources and might have a slight effect on site performance when the backup is running.
  • You can help avoid most performance-related issues by backing up the site during hours when use is lowest, such as outside office hours.
  • The backup process does not back up any Winshuttle Web Services; see Backing up a Central Site.
  • The backup process does not back up any SharePoint components, including certificates that you used to form trust relationships.
  • If you are migrating to a new SharePoint Farm, you must request new licenses from your Winshuttle Sales representative. (The current Central licenses will fail.)
  • In-process workflows are not backed up with the backup utility. Complete workflows in-process prior to migration.

Creating the backup folder

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Create a folder on the local computer or the network in which to store the backups.

For better performance, we recommend that you back up to the local computer and then move the backup files to a network folder.

Use a backup target location that allows full control for the service account that runs the Winshuttle Central web application. This account is used to read and write the backups and restores.

Although not always required you may need to be prepared to do the following to complete a backup or restore process:

  1. Restart the Windows SharePoint Services Timer.
  2. Reset the IIS application pool on all front-end Web servers.
  3. Reactivate Winshuttle CENTRAL Timer Jobs.