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SVService is a stand-alone executable included with Winshuttle Workflow that performs asynchronous processing in the workflow system. Asynchronous processing offloads processing from the Web servers that is not directly related to serving web pages.

SVService has a 'pluggable' architecture, meaning that it can run different pieces of code as long as the code conforms to SVService's expected API (Application Programming Interface). These pieces of code are called SVService Executors.

Another component of SVService is a database table that contains information about the processed run by SVService. Each database entry consists of the following:

  • An executor identifier
  • Executor configuration data
  • A start time
  • Any error information

On a typically configured system SVService is scheduled to run on a regular basis. Each time SVService runs it operates as follows:

  1. SVService checks its database table to retrieve the processes it needs to run.
  2. SVService runs each executor in series to completion.
  3. After SVService has completed its jobs, it will either exit or sleep until the next scheduled run (depending upon specified options).

SVService Types

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Runs a the Designer/Composer plugin Deferred Update Due Date and adjusts the date.


Removes solutions that have never been used. This is the same as the Archive Obsolete Solution function in the new Management Cockpit Site.


Sends the consolidated assignment summary to users with active assignments.


Approves an auto-approve assignment when its designated period expires.


Runs the Clone File plugin. Copies files from one folder to another.


Runs the Command Line plugin. Runs the given command in a separate process on the server.


Completes the given assignment.


Converts a document from one format to another. Runs document conversion if the Copy Document plugin is configured with the convert parameter.


Runs the Copy Attachments plugin. Copies form attachments to a SharePoint document library or to a directory on the server file system.


Runs the Deferred Copy Document plugin. Copies a document under process control to another SharePoint document library or to the server file system.


Runs the Copy Form plugin. Creates an .MHT representation of a form and copies it to a SharePoint document library or the server file system.


Runs the Copy Referenced Document plugin. Copies documents referenced by SharePoint ids in a form's content to a SharePoint document library.


Runs the Create Folder plugin. Creates a new folder in a SharePoint document library.


Archives completed processes as .MHT files. Only works when WorkflowProcessAutoCopyEnable is set to true.


Runs the Create SharePoint Site plugin. Creates a SharePoint site and adds the specified users to that site.


Runs the Delete Item plugin. Deletes the specified SharePoint items. Items can be specified by SharePoint ID or by a CAML query.


Runs the Delete SharePoint Site plugin. Deletes the specified SharePoint site.


Adds the Workflow configuration command Document Monitor. Monitors a given SharePoint field in a document library for an expiration time. When the expiration time occurs, automatically starts a process on the expiring document.


Runs the Document Process Launch plugin. Launches a process on a given document.


This works when the Workflow Configuration key EdgeServers is specified, and runs whenever a Process is approved or rejected.

The EdgeServers configuration key is a comma-separated list of edge server hosts that should be synchronized with documents in document libraries.

Whenever a Process is approved/rejected, it will copy the new file contents to the Edge server.


It approves the task through the email. Monitors the configured system email inbox and dispatches email approvals. Note that this is done through a single executor that runs periodically.


Runs the Form Monitor plugin. Creates and launches a form process.


Runs the Form Process Launch and Launch Form plugins. Creates and launches a form process, including assignment of swimlanes and assignment setting of form values.


Runs the Workflow configuration command Add form Report command to add form reporting to the specified forms.


Finds running processes that no longer have a SharePoint item associated, and marks them as inactive. Optionally, will also delete the associated workflow from the workflow database. See Mark Inactive Processes for more information.


Sends the configured email message to the specified recipients in the context of the specified form list item. Argument substitution is done on the message, subjects, and recipients.


Monitors the system inbox for inbound InfoPath forms. Creates the form in the workflow system and starts the workflow.


Runs a Powershell script, optionally placing the output into a specified SharePoint column.

ProcessForm Queue

Processes the forms that are waiting in the queue when the UseFormQueue option is turned on and the individual activity in question also has the UseFormQueue option turned on.


This is the same as the Purge Background Jobs functionality in new Management Cockpit Site.


Run the Remove Item Permissions plugin. Removes item permissions from the given SharePoint item.


Runs the Rename Process plugin. Changes the title of the process to the configured value.


Sends Approval\Activity\FormReports\Other emails and also runs the Send Email plugin to sends the specified email to the specified recipient.


Runs the Set Column plugin. Sets the value of the SharePoint column in the item in context to the configured value.


Runs the Set Form Data plugin. Sets the value in the form data in the item in context to the configured value.


Runs the Start Process plugin. Starts either a document or form process. If starting a form process, and a swimlane and SharePoint group is specified, a form process will be launched for each user in the group, and that person will be assigned to the designated swimlane.


Runs the Wait for Child Process plugin. Queries all child processes to ensure that they are complete, then completes the associated activity to advance the workflow.


Runs the Winshuttle Autopost plugin. Extracts data from a form and posts to the Winshuttle system.


Runs the Winshuttle Update plugin. Performs a Winshuttle update in the context of the list item.