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Send Email plugin properties


With the Send Email Plugin, you can send an email at a specified point within a workflow, such as when an item is approved, requires approval, etc.

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Send Email plugin usage example

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Use the Send Email plugin to keep participants in a workflow notified of tasks and events, such as when a task is overdue or something requires approval.

How to configure the Send Email plugin

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  1. Add a Plugin Action Node to your workflow.
  2. Configure the To, From, Subject, Body, and Server parameters for the plugin, in addition to any optional parameters. See the Send Email plugin parameters table for a description of available options.


Send Email plugin parameters

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The body of the email message


Email Address of the person in which you would like to be shown in the From Field.


The name of the SMTP Server (retrieved from the Winshuttle Workflow configuration database) that will be used to send the Email Message.


  • In the event of an error, (for example, the given SMTP Server was either blank or incorrect), the plugin will fetch the SMTP server address from the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\80\sharevis.config file, and then use this SMTP server address to send the email.
  • If the SMTP server is not present in the configuration database, then the plugin will use the SMTP server address from the SharePoint administration email settings.


The Subject of the Email Message


Email Address(es) to which the Email Message will be sent to.


SharePoint column(s) to be used in the query, separated by a comma. Example: [ID],[Name]

Note: This will be the current SharePoint list column, which is created when the solution is deployed.


The connection string to the database used to retrieve recipients.

Example: Provider=SQLOLEDB;DataSource=wid101\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=TestDB;User ID=Sa;Password=abcd

Note: Only SQL is supported.


Possible values/formats are MHT and JPG


The query to run to determine recipients. This can be used to select users from a database; for example, you could configure the query to select a user from the Database 'TestUsers'
A ConnectionString must be configured for this option to work.


The number of days to wait before sending the Email Message.


(True/False) Whether or not the form should be included as an attachment. (True=include attachment.)


Which form view the recipient should receive in the email. (Only works if includeitem is set to 'true'.


How the recipients should receive the data file in the email: via link, attached file, or both a link and an attached file.