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Winshuttle Foundation settings—Developer Proficiency Levels

Use the Developer Proficiency Levels page to set a proficiency level for Query developers. If you want to use more than one proficiency level, you can create custom groups and assign the chosen proficiency level. Proficiency levels include the following:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Advanced

Each proficiency level has additional settings that specify what users for a given proficiency level can do (see below).

Changing Developer Proficiency settings

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  1. Check a box to enable a feature, or clear a box to disable it:
    • Enable User Creation Of Joins In Query Builder
    • Enable Joins For Transparent, Cluster, View And Pool Tables
    • Enable Query Script Creation Based On Infoset/Queries Data Source
    • Enable Left Outer Joins
    • Enable Manual Join Creation Between Mismatch Fields (Advanced only)
  2. In the Maximum number of tables in Query field, type a number.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Assigning Developer Proficiency Levels to developer roles

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When you assign a developer role, you must set a proficiency level (Basic, Standard, or Advanced) for that developer:

  1. From the Winshuttle Foundation Administration page, under QUERY, click Developer Proficiency Level Settings.
  2. On the Role Assignment page, select a user.
  3. From the Proficiency Level box, select a level (Basic, Standard, or Advanced).
  4. Click Update. The new setting is saved, although the check mark is removed from the check box and the Proficiency Level box is unavailable.