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Composer 12.0.1

Release: February, 2019

Fixed items

  • Row number property now works with the Nested Repeating Table.
  • setControlRequired code now sets only the selected field in the row to Required and not the entire column.
  • Date selection for ‘today’ function now returns the current date on the Forms page.
  • The text box in the Process section does not disappear now on the form after upgrading to version 12.
  • The initial value of a check box not set to False now and can be set as Blank on upgrading.
  • The path for the temporary files storage under composer web config no longer changes on upgrading Composer from 11.2.12 to 12.0.
  • Single quotes are required for SQL data connection strings for Query Control.
  • Date values now do not get decremented from view to view on upgrade.
  • Edit mapping now does not try to map to new fields when the Use existing input/output fields is checked.
  • Spacer with check boxes is correctly displayed now.
  • Dropdown with spaces now retains the spaces on the Composer form display.
  • Swimlane with Space in its name works fine now in Workflow, in the System Control option, under Participant Control.

Known Issues

  • The Dropdown choices show both the value and description.
  • The Swimlane Size is set to NaN in the solution XML file when the Override Size property is cleared.
  • Populating the Date type field using Query Control does not work as expected.
  • Current User Control does not display the date when using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • The AutoDeleteBlankRepeatingFormAreas config key does not work consistently with the value True.


Composer 12.0

Release: August, 2018

New features and improvements

  • During Composer installation, the option to launch the Composer site is checked by default.
  • To better comply with SOX requirements, activities and approvals cannot be routed back to the process originator through Out of Office delegations.
  • Central Application Administrators may now manage out of office delegations, and a page to manage out of office delegations has been added to the Foundation Settings page.
  • Fields can now be marked for reporting, and the values of those fields in forms will sync to the reporting database. Read more.
  • Only users with the Central Application Admin Role may delete jobs which they have scheduled.
  • Composer now allows sorting on multiple columns on SharePoint list data connections. If no columns are selected, the data connection will sort based on how the default view in the list is sorted. Read more.
  • Composer Query elements support advanced sorting on SharePoint data connections.
  • Composer Lookup elements support advanced sorting for SharePoint data connections.
  • Provided locking mechanism for form tasks. Users can now hover over a task to see who locked it. 

Fixed items

  • Duplicate data connections are no longer allowed in the solution.
  • The SVFormRowInserted wrapper now works without a filter parameter.
  • IWhen UseLegacySearchAlgorithm is set to true (the default value), forms will use the old method where the last field in the web service output sequence is the last field to be processed on the form. When set to false, the log field for SAP return messages will always be processed last no matter the location. If the log field is missing, the last field in the web service output sequence will be used.
  • Drop downs using SharePoint lists as data connections will now properly display in form Preview.
  • When publishing web services against SPNEGO SAP systems using EP Portal, any System Runner user with saved Windows credentials will be shown as options for the system runner.
  • Query elements now use the correct data connection string when redeploying solutions.
  • $form.language can now be used in drop down filters.
  • The French locale will no longer prevent translated forms from opening.
  • Repeating tables with Excel upload enabled no longer error when the extension of the Excel file is capitalized.
  • Repeating tables can now use the merge key property.
  • Plug-in parameters no longer disappear after configuring Form Process Launch Plug-In.
  • SAP fields with long names (40 or more characters) will no longer be truncated on import.
  • Attempting to edit views will no longer occasionally result in a “Failed to read InnerText” error.
  • In the rules wizard, when adding a condition, the field for which the rule is created will populate the target of the condition by default.
  • You can now publish a solution from an HTTPS Composer to an HTTP User Governance site.
  • Composer has been protected against cross-site scripting attacks.
  • Combo boxes can have additional values added without sometimes receiving an error.
  • In some cases, when element spans exceed the remaining column available, the span property was ignored. Now spanning more than the available columns will move the next element to the next row.
  • Updated view names are now reflected in any nodes using the view.
  • Duplicate view names are no longer allowed.
  • Swimlanes added after adding a swimlane using the Team from Active Directory participant resolver no longer show the Team from Active Directory properties.
  • Query elements on imported, older versions of Composer solutions now function after parameters are modified.
  • Value Setter nodes now show the full XPATH of form fields after closing and reopening the node.
  • Swimlanes can now be affected by undo and redo actions.
  • Sub-groups now add across all views when adding a new sub-group and selecting Update All Views.
  • Rules on buttons can now be edited from the Rules Inspector.
  • The Composer New Solution wizard will now allow multiple web services without incurring overlapping log fields.
  • Date fields with default values now show sub labels.
  • The Multiple View Updates window will now display in case fields are copied with preserved bindings.
  • Query connections strings are now updated automatically if the data connection is edited.
  • The UI Support property section has been removed from plugins because plugins operate in the background.
  • The Oracle Lookup element has been removed because it is no longer supported.
  • Attachment elements can now be updated to be bound to repeating table fields.
  • ODBCQuery and LDAPQuery participant resolvers now display and asterisk with parameters to indicate they are required.
  • Attachment controls contained in a repeating table can now be bound to a field outside the repeating table.
  • When SVService processes a createmht job type, it no longer supplies credentials in the parameters.
  • The Replace Strings plugins now accepts SharePoint columns.
  • The right-side pane will now allow you to pin it once unpinned.
  • The Expression and Use Linked Document parameters are no longer mandatory for the Set Column plugin.
  • The Query parameter is no longer mandatory for Set SharePoint Column plugin.
  • When using custom values in a checkbox, the Default Value can now be set to Unchecked.
  • On repeating tables, moving the first column will no longer drag the row options with it.
  • Rules copied to a field from a source field no longer error when clicked from the rule link on the target field.
  • The Winshuttle Autorun plugin can now accept form fields in the Script Name parameter.
  • The property search is now cleared if creating a new solution. WIN-
  • The Add Attachment plugin File parameter now accepts form fields.
  • The Clone Files plugin now accepts SharePoint columns in parameters.
  • The Copy Attachments plugin now accepts SharePoint columns in parameters.
  • The Folder URL parameter of the Copy Referenced Documents Plugin now allows users to add the Site URL directly.
  • The Site URL parameter of the Create SharePoint Site Plugin now allows users to add the Site URL directly.
  • Swimlanes with only numbers in the name can now be used with the System Control option of the Workflow Participant advanced element.
  • The Options pop-up in the deployment profile section now closes when clicking out of the window.
  • In the deployment profile, it is no longer possible to see duplicate system runners.
  • Opening the properties of a Set Column plugin will no longer show the previous values for the Site and List parameters.

Known issues

  • Sorting on a filtered repeating table will clear the search filter results.
  • After creating a SQL data connection, if you open the credentials, the user name is not updated. Cancel out of the screen to avoid saving changes; this will leave the original credentials intact.
  • When importing Excel data into a repeating table, ensure that the Composer repeating table fields are set to number fields when validating numerical values.
  • When in Chrome and duplicating a tab containing Composer, you may receive incorrect values in data connections. To avoid this, do not duplicate tabs; instead, open a new tab and load Composer normally.
  • When using the Form Monitor Plugin, specify the process name exactly as it is defined in the solution.
  • When using Kerberos, if you leave Composer open for significant time without activity, the session may time out and credentials cannot be resupplied. If this occurs, any work completed during that session will be lost. Please save the solution before leaving Composer for prolonged periods.
  • Using the Attachment element in a repeating element which is nested inside another repeating element is not supported.
  • The SwimLaneParticipants function does not correctly assess when multiple participants are resolved.
  • Non-administrative forms users may receive an error when attempting to view task properties through the Foundation tasks page.
  • If an error is encountered during the solution deployment process at the web service step, the solution in the Composer Solution library will be corrupted. Use SharePoint’s version history to retrieve the last good solution, fix the issue, and redeploy.
  • The undo functionality will not revert changes to field names and bindings; it will revert changes to labels only.