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Getting Started with Composer

Running Winshuttle composer

  1. Open a supported Web browser.
  2. Open the URL to your installation of Winshuttle Composer. This will either be provided to you by an administrator (whoever installed Composer for your organization); otherwise, if you installed Composer, open the http:// address specified during installation.
  3. On the Get Started screen:
    • Open an existing solution: Open a solution from your recently used files list, from a workflow (http://) site, or from your desktop PC.
    • Create a new Solution: Start the New Solution wizard to create a new solution.
    • Recent Solutions: Click a recent solution from the list to continue working on it.

If you want to get started quickly with some basic Winshuttle Composer tutorials:

  1. Click to open the main menu.
  2. Click Help
  3. In the Composer menu, click each of the Introductions to walk through a brief tutorial:
  • Solution Tab Introduction
    An overview of the Solution Tab, where you can view a variety of dashboards and the parts that comprise your form, including scripts, form fields, workflow nodes, and more.
  • Workflow Tab Introduction
    An overview of the Workflow Tab, where you create your workflows.
  • Forms Tab Introduction
    An overview of the Form Tab, where you design and create forms for your workflows.

First Tasks

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The following is a list of common tasks you may want to perform to help you get started using Winshuttle Composer as quickly as possible.


See this section

Install Composer on your server

Winshuttle Composer Installation

Create or open a new solution
Start a new solution or open and existing one.

Working with Solutions

Add data connections
If you plan to connect your forms and workflows to a SQL Server or SharePoint Library (for example), you'll need to configure the connections to these data sources.

Adding Data Connections

Import Winshuttle Transaction or Winshuttle Query scripts
Import your scripts into your new solution.

Working with Web services and scripts

Configure solution deployment profiles
Create deployment profiles for your solution, such as development profiles for creating and testing your solution, and production profiles for publishing your completed solution.

Working with deployment profiles

Create a form
Create a form for a workflow or process.

Working with Forms

Create a Workflow
Create a workflow for a form or process.

Working with Workflows