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Winshuttle Workflow 10.x administration

Winshuttle Workflow Administration (also called Workflow Central Administration) is a Web-based tool that simplifies many administrative tasks, such as reporting, server administration, diagnostics, and more. Click a topic below for more information.

Workflow 10.5-10.7 Administration Topics

Topic Description
Configuring Winshuttle Workflow Central Administration Configure the Winshuttle Workflow administration site and set user access.
Running Winshuttle Workflow Central Administration How to open and run Workflow Administration.
Reporting Information about workflow reporting, including process data charts and Excel workflow data dumps.
How to mark inactive processes How to find and mark dangling processes that no longer have an associated SharePoint list item.
Logging How to enable logging and view logs.
SVService Administration Administration options for Winshuttle Workflow SVService (the scheduled task that maintains and manages email notifications).
Disabling workflow email notifications How to disable workflow email notifications.
Migrating Solutions between environments (external link) How to migrate solutions through environments. For example, from a development environment to a production environment.
Workflow System Maintenance How to export process data, evaluate performance, and backup/restore Workflow data.
Exporting Workflow Data to SharePoint Lists and database tables How to export workflow data to SharePoint lists or predefined database tables.
Extending other Web applications with Winshuttle Workflow How to Use the extend Winshuttle Workflow to another Web application.
Migrating Data How to use the SVMigrate tool to migrate Workflow data from one system to another.