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Winshuttle Workflow Admin Commands

The Admin Commands page provides links and a graphical user interface for a variety of functions previously accessible (in earlier versions of Winshuttle Workflow) via the SVAdm Tool.

Note that the commands will be applied to the Web app selected from the drop down.

Available commands through the Admin Commands page are described below.

Running an Admin command

  1. From the Admin Commands page, click the operation (for example, Delete Form Cache).
  2. Provide the required parameters. Parameters vary depending on the command, but can generally be selected from drop down menus, entered into provided fields, or selected through check boxes
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Results of the operation will be displayed in the right-hand command window.



Export Assignments

Exports assignment details for specific Start and End Date based on Task status (Creation Date, DueDate, CompletionDate, ReviewDate).

Update Assignment Status List

Export workflow data to SharePoint lists or predefined database tables.


Encrypt Config Values

Encrypts values in the sharevis.config file for added security.

Remove Config Value

Remove a site- or list-scoped configuration option.

Set Config Value

Set or remove Configurator values.


Add Document Monitor

Run a process against all documents in a document library that have met an expiration date.

Remove Document Monitor

Cancels the document monitor(s) for a given document library.


Add Form Report

Add form reporting to specified forms. For example, you can create a summary or status report for a list, and have the report sent to one or more recipients every seven days.

Delete Form Cache

Delete the form cache (when the Dynamic Refresh setting is set to ON) for the Form Library Web part. (Note: This command is unavailable in Workflow v10.9 and later.)

Delete Saved Forms

Remove saved forms from a SharePoint site. This applies to forms that have been saved but have never had a process started on them.

Remove Form Report

Remove any standing form report from a site and list you specify.


Describe Process Definition

Provides details of the swimlanes associated with a process.

Dump Process

Dumps the referred process information into a specified xml file.

Enumerate Process Definition

View a list of all the processes that have been published to a SharePoint site.

Export Process

Export details for a specific Start and End Date based on the Process Status (Creation Date, Completion Date, Due Date).

Un-mark Inactive Processes

Mark all inactive processes as active again.

Update Process Status List

Update the process status list on the the selected SharePoint site and status list. Can be used with or without a configuration file, with options for recursive or verbose output.


Add Debug

Allows you to change the system settings so that more descriptive error messages are displayed when an error occurs in the browser. (If you get a generic SharePoint error message in the browser, turning this option on could give you more details about the error.)

Add user policy

(available in 10.9.1 and later)

Specify a user (domain/username) to be added to a specific destination Web apps policy with Full Control permissions. You can specify any user (domain/username) or select Use Workflow Administrator).

  • For SharePoint 2013, this adds a user in both claim and non-claim format with Full Control permissions to the user policy for the Web app.
  • For SharePoint 2010, this adds a user in non-claim format (only) to the user policy for the Web app.

Migrate User

Migrates user tasks assigned to an old user login to a new user login.

Remove Debug

Disables debug mode and reverts to less descriptive error messages.

Update Date Format

Updates the date in a given form field to 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss' format (if it has AM or PM at the end; otherwise it updates the format to yyyy-MM-dd).

Additional commands/functions

The following options are still available, but accessed differently in Workflow 10.8 than in previous versions.

Removed commands

The following commands have been removed from Winshuttle Workflow 10.8 and are not available in the GUI. If you still need to use one of these commands, you can use SVAdm to do so.

  • Purge Service
  • Post Archive Deletion
  • Add List
  • Archive To Folder by Date
  • Archive To Folder by days
  • Archive To List by date
  • Archive To List by days
  • Copy Site Group
  • Create Column
  • Create List Item
  • Delete List
  • Delete Process
  • Indent LogPublish Form
  • Publish Name Template
  • Publish Process
  • Query Service
  • SetSVService
  • Update SharePoint Item List
  • Upload Document
  • Upload Labeled Assignment