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Applies to:

  • Winshuttle Foundation



Text (date)


Holiday keys are 'hidden' keys but they can be manually created and configured so that when a due date for a task is calculated, the specified holiday (date) will be factored into the calculation.

You can create and define more than 1 holiday key, but the keys must be created and numbered sequentially (for example, Holiday0, Holiday1, Holiday2, etc.) beginning with Holiday0 for all of the keys to be calculated.

If a number is missing (for example, you have the following 3 keys: Holiday0, Holiday1, and Holiday3), Holiday3 will not be calculated because Holiday2 is missing.

Important Notes

  • Holiday keys must be specified using the same date format (for example, mm/dd/yyyy) as the SharePoint server.
  • Holiday keys are respected only if the Business Calendar configuration key value is set to True.