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Mark Fields for Reporting

You can mark fields in a solution for reporting. After marking the fields and deploying the solution, the values entered into these fields are synced to the reporting database.

Fields can be marked in both, the Solution tab, and the Form Data pane of the Form tab.

To mark a field, right-click on the field and select Available for Reporting in the property pane. On right-clicking a field marked for reporting, the Remove from Reporting option appears.

Fields marked for reporting will be indicated with a # symbol.

Multiple fields can be selected together and marked for reporting in the same way. If fields selected are both marked and unmarked, selecting Available for Reporting toggles their reporting status (when you toggle, non-reporting fields will become marked, and marked fields will become unmarked).

Changes to fields take effect only after you have deployed the solution.


  • Marking fields for reporting is not available with field packs.
  • When creating filters for Dashboard reporting using APIs - If you use Checkboxes in Form layout in Winshuttle Composer, and want to filter data on the Value field for Checkboxes that are unchecked, then use both “false” and Empty value (‘’’’) as form values. If no action is performed on the checkbox, that is if it’s is not checked or cleared, the background value is saved as blank or empty instead of false.