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Applies to:

  • Winshuttle Foundation





Maximum number of records to be retrieved from SAP. The default returns are 500 records, but this is user configurable.

Search is case sensitive. Search is always performed on field text\description. Search will always filter result on contain/like condition. No other filter condition is supported.

If search value is blank then it will return all records, limit to max value given in API.

  • It works for SAP releases later than 4.7
  • Search is performed on data ‘Description’ field.
  • Pattern search works with Contains operator only.
  • Descriptions not available for all search results.
  • In search results values in the Description column are prefixxed with a field value (i.e Value + Description).
  • Specifies the maximum number of records for the WSO.Webservice Lookup control.

This key is bound to the SAPFieldLookup control and the WSO.Webservice Lookup control.