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  • Winshuttle Foundation

Winshuttle Workflow Dashboard [BETA]

The Winshuttle Workflow dashboard [Beta] was introduced in Workflow version 10.9. It provides a dashboard view of your forms, form drafts, and tasks.

Use the dashboard to do things such as search, open, and fill out forms, interact with tasks, and mark frequently used forms as 'favorites' for easy access.

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Sorting dashboard items

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You can sort items in the dashboard as follows:

  • Check Tasks to show tasks. Uncheck it to hide tasks.
  • Check Drafts to show form drafts. Uncheck it to hide drafts.
  • Check Form Types to show forms. Uncheck it to hide forms.

Click the drop arrow (next to Tasks and/or Form Types) to open additional sorting options:

  • Sort by Date
  • Ascending/Descending
  • Number of tasks/forms to show

Using the Form Dashboard

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  • Click a form tile to launch the form and start a process or workflow.
  • Click the star on a form to mark it as a favorite.
  • Click a task to open and view the task or task history.

  • Click to open a draft.
  • Click to delete a draft.
  • Check Drafts to show drafts. Uncheck it to hide drafts.