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Winshuttle Central Audits & Reports menu: Active Users

Use the Active Users page to view All users or Active users, including information about client versions, last login time, and more.

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Client version numbers

The client version is shown for each user license. The only product license that does not immediately display a version number is that for a Winshuttle Central license. Instead, when a user checks out a client license, that client version is displayed for Winshuttle Central.

A sample Active Users page

Changing the view

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  1. From the Winshuttle Central Administration page, under Audits, click Audits & Reports.
  2. Next to View, click Active Users, and then click All Users.

Creating a license usage report in Excel

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  1. Under Auditing and Reports, click Active Users.
  2. Sort the information you want.
  3. Click Export Log to Excel.

Ending sessions for a user

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An administrator can end a user's sessions. Clicking Reset removes the corresponding user's entry from the list and a forced log off occurs within 20 minutes.

  • To reset the session count to 0 for a user, in the Action column, click Reset.
  • To reset the session count for ALL Users, click Reset All.