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Winshuttle Central Transaction menu: Policies (Transaction)

Use the Policies page to:

Creating a Server Policy

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  1. From the Winshuttle Central Administration page, under TRANSACTION, click Policies.

    The TRANSACTION Policies page

    You can click a pre-made Policy to edit that policy's settings, or you can create your own. To edit an existing policy--for example, "No Weekday Master Data Changes", click the name of the policy.

  2. To create your own policy, under Policies, click the Add arrow, and then click TRANSACTIONPolicy.

  3. Specify details of the server policy:
    • Enter a policy name that reflects the intent of the policy.
    • Enter a description of the policy.
    • Specify the SAP server type, whether Production or Non-Production.
    • Specify when the server will be accessed by this policy, whether daily, weekly, or monthly.
      Clicking Daily or Monthly will enable you to enter specific times and/or days for access.

    Weekly SAP access options

    Monthly SAP access options

    • Specify the maximum number of Transactions per run.
    • Specify the SAP Transactions to Allow and/or Disallow, separated by a semi-colon. For example: FB01; VA01; MM*

    Note: You can use a wildcard "*" to specify all Transactions, or use the wildcard with a table name to specify all tables of a type.

Editing a TRANSACTION policy

Assigning users / removing users to or from a policy

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  1. In the Add new users or groups box , type a name.

  2. Click Check Names to verify, or click Address Book to locate a name.
  3. When you have located the name, click Add. The name appears in the Existing Users and groups box.

To remove a user from a policy

  • Under Policies, click the policy name. In the Existing users and groups box, select a name, and then click Remove.