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Working with form Winshuttle Composer form views

Views are useful if you want to create multiple views for the same form. For example, the person filling out a purchase request only needs to see the fields necessary for making the request, but does not need to see fields specific to the finance department or those who need to approve the request.

By default, a new form has a single view.

Video: Winshuttle Composer Basics - Views

Watch the followingWinshuttle Composer training video to learn how to create targeted form views for task specific assignments and make view-specific changes, such as setting a group of fields to Read Only. (Note: Video is best viewed full screen.)

Setting the default form view

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  1. Click the Solution Tab.
  2. In the Solution Tree, click Form, and then click Views.
  3. Right-click the view, and then click Set Default.
  4. The default view will be shown with a check-box to the right of the name
  5. Re-deploy the solution to make the change take effect.

Adding a view

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  1. On the Composer ribbon, click Form
  2. On the ribbon, in the Views and Groups section, click New View.

Moving or deleting a view

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To change the order of the view tabs:

  • In the canvas, click and drag the view left or right to change its position.

To delete a view:

  • Right-click the view, and then click Delete.


You can click and drag a view to move it left or right.

Renaming a view

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  1. In the canvas, click the view you wish to rename.
  2. In the Properties Pane, click the Properties tab.
  3. Next to Name, click and type a new name, or select a name from the drop-down box.
  4. Next to Label, click and type a new label for the view. (This is what you will see displayed in the canvas.)

Copying a view

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To quickly make a copy of another view, right-click the view you wish to duplicate, and then click Duplicate View.

Tip: You can also duplicate a view in the Layout tab by right-clicking it and then selecting Duplicate View.

Changing view properties

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To change the properties for a view:

  1. On the Form page, above the Form canvas, click a View.
  2. In the Properties Pane, click Properties.
  3. Under General Settings, you can change the properties for the view, and set rules that apply only to when the view is loaded. See Form View Properties table (below) for a description of each property.

Using Composer's predefined views

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When you insert a new form view, Composer automatically assigns it a name and label (View_2/View 2, View_3/View 3, etc.).

There are also 4 pre-defined view names.

To use a pre-defined view, do the following:

  1. In the Properties pane, next to Name, click the drop arrow.
  2. Select a view name from the menu.

These pre-defined views are described below:

  • Originator View: This view is displayed to the Originator, prior to starting the process.
  • ReSubmit View: This view is displayed when re-submitting a form. Forms may be re-submitted if they are Canceled by an administrator, or if they end in a Rejected state. Forms are re-submitted using the Form Library or Workflow web part.
  • Process Status View: This view is displayed for a person who has rights to see the form, but does not have an outstanding assignment or task for the form.
  • Process Completed View: This view displays after a process has finished.

Propagating style changes across views

Winshuttle Composer form element right-click menu.

When you change style or properties for common labels in a Composer form with multiple views, you will be prompted by a dialog box asking if you want to apply the changes to all views.

You can propagate such changes automatically by setting the Element Property Propagate Changes to All Views to True. This automatically propagates style or property changes to all applicable views without prompting.

You can also right-click a form element to open the right-click menu, and then click Propagate Styles to manually copy the style changes to all applicable views.

Form view properties table

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